December 08, 2008

Grandma's sugar cookies gone flaky, snowflakey that is!

Well, I must say that SNOW is a definite present in our lives at this time. Believe it or not, I'm not feeling all that "Christmasy" here - even with all the snow and with all the cookie baking. Probably in part because I'm not really decorating. My reasons? #1 - Rudy. He'd have every ornament I put on the tree on the floor, slapping it around. #2 - I'm leaving Christmas night for the airport to fly to my brother's in Indiana to visit his family for 4 nights. This will be the first Christmas ever I have not put up a tree. Hopefully next year I can do it and have a real one again. Finally!

I remember as a young girl we would go to my paternal grandparents every Christmas Eve. Mom always took a cheese ball (and I WILL post about that one this week also since I am making it for our work Christmas party!) and there were always all kinds of goodies there to eat.

All of the kids for a while would go outside in the snow and have a blast throwing snowballs and knocking each other on the ground. Once peaceful moment I remember one year was waiting outside on our side deck for my parents to get ready to leave to go to my grandparents. It was snowing and it was beautiful. The flakes were so big and fluffy and I remember actually sticking my tounge out to catch some. ;0)

Its amazing that something that can be so treacherous to drive in can be so beautiful at the same time. Just like these cookies. Treacherous because they can be so addicting but beautiful when time is taken to decorate them!

I'm hoping by getting back to work this afternoon (I've been out since last Friday) and seeing the tree there, and by having our work Christmas party this Friday I will have a little of that "Christmas feeling."

This week we have Ulrike of Küchenlatein to thank for chosing Grandma’s All-Occasion Sugar Cookies on pages 146-147. You can visit her site for the recipe. To view what the other TWD participants did this week, please check out our blogroll.
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