December 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Furr!

Twenty-two years ago today (ha ha Cathy - not days...that would be pretty insane eh?!) a sweet little bundle of bubbly joy named Christopher (also known as topher and furr) arrived in my life.

When the Dr. asked me when I wanted to have Chris (as it was going to be c-section) I told him "the day after Christmas." To me, the day after Christmas was a depressing day. All the family gatherings were over with and the excitement was gone. The year 1986 was going to be different for me because I was going to get the best present ever! My baby!

I had no idea if I was having a boy or a girl, but during delivery I heard the Dr. say "we have a boy here!" What a lovely baby boy I had!

Always happy, always giggling, always smiling (and flirting!). He was and still is irresistible!

Children grow.........and sometimes have a hard time finding their dreams

Chris and I at my work Christmas party 2006

But I will always be there for Chris to help him in any way I can to realize his dreams.

Happy Birthday Furr. Your mom loves you with all her heart and soul. I'm also the luckiest mom in the world!!
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