TWD and Baking Gals

Sometimes a simple thing can be one of the best things. That is how I feel about the TWD selection for this week. These cookies were plain and simple. Not fancy in anyway which is why after my first batch I did put some red and green candies on top to “liven” them up a little bit. However, don’t let their plainness fool you! They definitely passed the cookie test by Grumpy and so these will be cookies that I do make again!

The batch I “dressed up” a bit is part of my package being sent to Maj. David Snow over in Iraq. I had a very special day today as I met Maj. Snow’s wife and daughters. Clarkson University has a flag that has been flown in Afghanistan and the Alumni office has given me the flag to send to him to fly from his post.

Robyn and her children are lovely ladies! The young girls were so cute and so friendly – and they loved my kitties Rudy and Chubby! The asked me about Grumpy’s horns on the wall and that pleased him to know they asked! He arrived home just as they were leaving so he wasn’t able to meet them, but he was smiling when I was telling him about the girls! In the near future I will be doing a round-up of who sent cookies to Maj. Snow so stay tuned!

Above is the flag that is being sent to Maj. Snow pictured with his family.

Even plain these cookies can look nice when in the right dish and setting!

This weeks treat was chosen by Heather of Randomosity and the Girl. She chose Buttery Jam Cookies on page 80 of Dorie Greenspan’s Baking cookbook. Thanks for your choice Heather! You can view the recipe on her blog. To see how other TWD members fared, please visit the TWD blogroll!


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    Very nice. You have some wonderful blogging and story telling skills. It is amazing how something as simple as cookies, can make a big difference in someone’s day. Makes them feel a little bit special and at home. Your cookies look picture perfect!

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    Great looking cookies! I love the addition of the red and green. I’m sure Maj Snow will love them! How wonderful that you were able to meet his family. You’re awesome!!!

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    Your cookies look very nice…I love them dressed up and simple! That is so sweet that you got to meet the family, I just love the Baking Gals and what you all do!!

    Stop by my blog when you get a chance…I’m having a giveaway!

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    Cute little cookies! They definitely look better with some additions to the top–I went crazy with mine! Glad you and Grumpy like them. They are just okay to me.

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    I bet those cookies are great! They look lovely — sometimes simple is the best. I’m sure Maj. Snow will love them! Incredibly kind of you to do that.

    Hope you’re enjoying the holidays!!

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    They look really festive with the m&ms. What a wonderful contribution to Baking Gals — I hope that Major Snow enjoys them! What a sweet family.

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    Hi Honey B! These are definitely not “plain” at all. I love simple cookies. From my experience, not all glam baked goods taste as good as they look! I am sure yours tastes good . . . and hey, they look good, too! Every baker’s dream! Good job and I admire your love and spirit for our troops. xoxo!

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    What pretty cookies. Plain or with decorations, I love simple cookies with simple ingredients. delicious.

    I am sure Maj. Snow will have a very merry Christmas this year thanks to you!

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    Oh my gosh – my husband went to Clarkson and I graduated from SUNY Potsdam. Small world! He’ll get a kick out of knowing that the Clarkson flag is flying over in Iraq. Your cookies look great, I’m sure the troops will enjoy them!

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    I love that you included Major Snow’s family in your life and your baking world as well. I agree that these little cookies have a special place and I’m glad Dorie included them in her book for us to experience. I’ll bet because of TWD many more bakers will keep them in their favorites.
    Merry Christmas

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    They are fantastic – your parcel will be so appreciated. My husband was there during the first war so I can only say a heart-felt thank you to you!

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