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Never, have I ever, in my whole life made a cheesecake that had as perfect a top as this one had. I guess I learned this time around that I really should read directions because when I do, then things can turn out pretty perfect! Who knew a waterbath would be the perfect solution to a perfect cheesecake top? I guess I did know that, but I just never wanted to do it. This time I did and now I will not ever do it any other way! Dorie certainly knows what she is talking about and I just need to stop being so lazy.

This week’s choice for Tuesday’s with Dorie was chosen by Anne of Anne Strawberry who picked Tall and Creamy Cheesecake on pages 235-237 of Dorie Greenspan’s Baking cookbook. I had decided to make this for my Christmas get together with the kids. Because Grumpy would be eating it I also I decided to make it a white chocolate flavored cake and top it with red raspberry sauce. What I did:

Instead of the sugar I melted 2 cups of white chocolate chips (I use Giradelli) with 1/4 cup of heavy cream and after tasting I decided to add about 1/2 cup of sugar to the mix.

For the raspberries I had some from mom and dad’s garden in the freezer. They know how much Grumpy loves raspberries so they are generous and give me quite a few raspberries to freeze. I put a quart of the frozen berries in a saucepan and mixed it with about 1/3 cup sugar and brought it to a boil. I then turned the heat off and let the berries sit to cool. These thickened up naturally on their own – something I was happy for because I don’t always like the taste of cornstarch!

I served the berry sauce over the white chocolate yumminess! I know I was a very happy camper!

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    I adore any kind of cheesecake. Cheesecake Factory is heaven to me…so many choices. The top is beautiful. Congratulations.

    I made individual custard cups last week and debated about using a water bath. I bit the bullet and followed the recipe exactly as written… they turned out great.

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    Yum, this cheesecake with white chocolate and raspberries….. You’ve got me droowling behind the pc right now!!

    Does the waterbath also make the cheesecake stay a bit more moist and creamy?? It looks amazing!!

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    YUM!!! Sounds and looks fantastic!

    Nathan has requested a cheesecake bake-off between my New York cheesecake and Dorie’s cheesecake. I showed him your version and I think we are going with white chocolate for the Dorie cheesecake. I can’t wait to try it!

    Great job, Shelby!!!

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    You of course have the perfect cheesecake. I expect no less from you! I should have tried the water bath. Mine wasn’t bad at all though. Thanks for stopping by this morning. Happy new year!

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    I’m so jealous of everyone with their no crack cheesecake! I wish I didn’t forget the waterbath. I agree about the cornstarch, I feel like I can taste it too.. in frosting too from the powdered sugar!

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    Looks delicious! Love the raspberries on top. (I did canned cherries, but the raspberries look so much better!) Great job. I’m glad you worked out for you. I didn’t do the water bath and mine sunk a little, not sure if that is why, I did everything else to a tee. It tasted great though!

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    Mmmmm, I am such a huge fan of cheesecake! I grew up on the boxed stuff until my dad learned to make the baked kind and now I love any and all baked cheesecakes! Yours does look beautiful. No cracks at all, great job!

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    I love raspberry sauce! And it’s great with cheesecake. Yum. I didn’t want to thaw out raspberries, so I just added raspberry jam to chocolate sauce for mine.

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    Gorgeous and festive – a double threat! I’m sure it was incredibly delicious. It is such a fantastic base recipe and is so fun to see how everyone customized it. The white chocolate addition is awesome!

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    It looks so yummy!!
    Are you home now? Thanks for commenting on my grand-twins. I can’t wait.
    You had invited me to a cooking website, and I accepted, but lost everything on my old computer. Can you resend me the info?

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    I’m always a sucker for cheesecake. Adding white chocolate just makes it that much more irresistable! It looks great and I’m sure it tastes phonomenal!

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    reading these things is like torture for a pregnant woman! Or my husband rather, cuz I make him go get it for me!

    Yours look so great! That is indeed a fantastic top.

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    Yours really is perfect! I used the water bath (and had the leak to prove it!) and still had a crack in the top. It was yummy though, and your white chocolate version sounds great.

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    Looks wonderful! All the blogs I've read today said that this was the best cheesecake recipe.

    I'm with Grumpy on the raspberries. If I have to pick a berry its raspberry hands down!

    Happy 2009, HoneyB! (& Grumpy)

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    Congratulations! Your cheesecake looks and sounds fabulous. Who knew the bain marie would solve the “top” problemo. Yee Haw and and and you are Not lazy. Great job. Love your flavors and raspberries out of the garden? yummmm

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