Be my Valentine…..

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Two events are coming up real close to each other. Grumpy’s birthday and Valentines Day. I tell him that someone born so close to the day of love should be super sweet. He just laughs. But, I think there is some sweetness hidden there as proof I am about to tell you. You see that picture above? Well that was Grumpy’s idea. Can you believe it? The man who laughed at me over a year ago for taking pictures of food is now telling me how he “thinks” I should “present” my food! lol. Just as proof, I got a picture of his hand below putting together his version of what my cookie should look like. he he. When I told him I had the photo he informed me I that I can’t talk about him anymore. Yeah, right. I’ll get right on it.

Earlier this week I told my son Justin that I would make him and Kristina some cookies. These are the cookies I made for them. An early Valentine treat. Probably not the only one either, so kids….here is a start! ;0)

The recipe I used for this cookie is the same one I used when I made chocolate chip cookies just last week. You can click here for the recipe. This time I used all dark brown sugar, made the cookies twice as big and added the Valentine M&M’s instead of chocolate chips and pecans.

Stay tuned for some more cookies to come….some special ones.

In the meantime, make some Thick, Chewy Chocolate Chip cookies and put some “love” into them to pass on to your Valentine! Ok, I’m off to find Grumpy….


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    Happy Bday to Grumpy. My daughters bday is Feb. 16 and she will be sweet 16. We are still planning something special for her. I love your cookie recipes..Im a total cookie monster!

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    LOL! Grumpy's so cool! I love to read your stories about him! Scrumdiliuptious! (Sp?)

    Oh, and I think Grumpy was right your cookie did look cute in the cup w/ the M&Ms! :-)

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    You’re killing me here! I have too many ‘have to tries’ going on and I don’t have another day off for a week!

    Tell Grumpy to suck it up-the cookies, that is! I think it is cute that he is (begrudingly) getting into it :)

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    I remember the days when I first started blogging and couldn’t see myself taking photos of my creations either. We have all come a long way since then.It is nice when the whole family gets involved in not just eating our dishes:D

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    Looks good from here. I’m trying to think of some special treats to make for my girlie on V-day. Probably something with raspberry…

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    Awwwww….. These cookies look amazing!! Yum!
    I love the Valentine M&M's! Too bad we don't get special edition M&M's like that here. The only ones I have seen were orange M&M's when the Soccer European Cup tournament was played in Germany….

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    I love using the holiday M&Ms to dress up a treat for the holiday. I like making 7 layer bars with them too. Grumpy couldn't resist the temptation of food styling huh? Love it!

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    Great pictures! I love the colors of the Valentine m&ms. It works out quite well that Brianna's birthday is only a few weeks before Valentine's day, since pink and red are among her favorite colors. I bought some for her party.

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    Saritor – Don’t you worry you adorable little boy of mine! Grumpy got in trouble for eating your cookies. 😉 I’ll make you some more soon! XO!

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    omgoodness 😀 I just pulled my last batch out of the oven, SOO good, my 17 yr old daughter said YUMMM they TASTE like Valentines day hehe, I am going through pics getting ready to post it at my blog right now 😀 Thanks so much for the recipe, Carm

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