Chocolate and Ginger

I debated. I decided no. Then I went to the TWD website to see what else we were making after this week. Then I debated some more. Did I want to really make chocolate gingerbread? Who would eat it besides me? Is it something my co-workers will eat? Well, I decided I would try it and see. So, I made the gingerbread.

I really like the icing recipe. Melted semi-sweet chocolate and coffee, stirring in softened butter and just enough confectioners sugar to make it sweet. I love how it tasted and I love how easy it was to spread on the cake. I will definitely keep that icing in mind for other recipes! I also like how moist the cake turned out. I did use a “real” 9×9 pan as Dorie had contacted our group to tell us we would have too much batter if we went with an 8×8 instead. I was lucky – apparently 9×9 pans are hard to come by, but I have one from an elderly friend who left me a lot of her dishes when she passed on. Turned out perfect. I think if I was to eat this cake, I probably wouldn’t be able to stop it looks and smells so good to me.

Our choice this week came from Heather of Sherry Trifle the name of the recipe is Fresh Ginger and Chocolate Gingerbread which can be found on Heather’s blog or on page 212 of Dorie Greenspan’s Baking: From My Home to Yours.

To check out the other Gingerbread cakes you can visit our blogroll. Next week is Dorie’s World Peace cookies. These I have made before and LOVE them!


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    I absolutely love chocolate and gingerbread. I have Dorie’s book so I really should try this. Yours looks so good. I have heard a lot about the world peace cookies and have yet to make them too….

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    sounds like you and I were thinking alike about sitting this one out. I now have gingerbread frozen in ramekins because the two of us couldn’t eat it all. But I thought it was really tasty. I brought one to work yesterday and shared. Your icing looks delicious.

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    Dang, you just turned into the blogging fool. You are busting out recipes left and right. Everything that I’m looking at looks so good. This gingerbread cake looks so good. Along with everything you make.

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    I’m thinking my gingerbread will be going to the daycare, since I don’t know if Gillian or Brianna will like it. We’ll see. It looks like yours turned out great!

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    Never would have thought of chocolate gingerbread, but it looks wicked good. I bet that icing was great, I’ll have to try that out. :)

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    I gotta admit I am in the no camp to chocolate and gingerbread. I sometimes think there are no traditionally sweet flavors that woman (Dorie Greenspan) won't combine! :)

    Love your new header. My youngest has been sitting and staring at it shouting "I love M&Ms!!) for the last 5 minutes. :)

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    Thanks everyone! The verdict is in and the cake was gone by the time lunch hour was over. Only one person didn’t care for it. Everyone else to took the cake loved it! Guess its a real winner!

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    Oh yours looks beautiful!! I loved mine, I only wish I hadn’t seen another bloggers post on the nutritional content and how many calories it had! YIKES… I think calorie counting when it comes to TWD should be banned! 😉

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    This gingerbread sounds delightful. I have never tried chocolate and ginger before.
    I really find frosting/ icing too sweet but chocolate ganache style finishes I love.

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    Your cake looks amazing!! I still have to make mine… I have been in Amsterdam since the weekend for a seminar I organised and was busy with the preparations for said seminar, so I didn’t get to bake them earlier…. I’ve been a terrible TWD-slacker the last couple of weeks!! :(

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