Company’s coming…..

What was I going to do? Dinner had been all figured out. Of course, it went through the Grumpy routine of “what do you want,” “do you think they will like it,” “what do you think of this?” Yeah, yeah, yeah. I wanted to do ribs. Grumpy wanted me to make Walnut Shrimp. So, I compromised! I made both! he he.

I was still in a funk though because I needed to do dessert. Yes, I needed to do it! I had just told you all I was all caked out and I guess that was the truth because I couldn’t find a single cake recipe that impressed me enough to want to make it. I have all kinds of frozen blueberries, but Grumpy didn’t want a blueberry pie. (I know what is wrong with him!). Then I remembered. I had bought some Rice Krispies and I had just seen my friend Laura’s post on these yummy looking and sounding Crispy Peanut Butter bars. So, early this morning I decided these would be our dessert. Yummm. :o) Thanks Laura! I guess I should say thanks Deb too since that is where Laura got the recipe!

Peanut Butter Crispy Bars
For the recipe I followed – check out Laura‘s post. I basically did exactly what she did except I did not use milk chocolate chips with the peanut butter layer. I don’t usually have milk chocolate in the house because I’m a dark chocolate fan. Instead, I used semi-sweet chips with the peanut butter mixture and dark chocolate chips for the top layer.

A word of warning: If you make these, get them out of your house fast. They are so delicious that you find yourself sneaking back out to the kitchen and quietly slicing a little piece off in hopes that nobody will notice when you actually pull the dessert of later…..


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    How did you ever cut your squares to looks so picture perfect?!

    Your guests will be very pleased and satisified. Your dessert looks wonderful!

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    Spectacular is the word that comes to my mind. My children would so go crazy over these!!! Love how they look also. Such a pretty presentation, with such precise cuts!

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    My Grams used to make these bars for us – she couldn’t eat them, as she was diabetic, and as a kid I never ever realized how hard it must have been for her to make us something so yummy and not be able to eat them! I’m sure your guests loved them!

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    This looks wonderful. I am not a fan of chocolate & peanutbutter but crispies & chocolate…that is a different story! My family loves the combination. I love how perfectly these seem to cut into seemless squares too. Wonderful presentation.

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    YUMMY! Your guests really got the delux treatment, eh? Your bars turned out beautifully…I love these because they are so chic/elegant yet so nostalgic. They look delicious!!

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    Yum! I’m generally more into dark chocolate, too. But oddly enough, I prefer milk chocolate with peanut butter. Guess it’s the Reese’s influence… =)

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    I saw these on that other blog, and had bookmarked the recipe (in caps, so I wouldn’t forget!). I bought Rice Crispies last weekend; am going to make these next time I have company! They look sooo good- your pics turned out really well!

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    Ahh!!! I made these a few years ago and I remember the whole pan was gone within hours! This is a dangerously delicious recipe… oh, you cruel, cruel blogger!! *salivating*

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    Ahhh! First those outrageous reese’s peanut butter brownies and now this?! I’m on peanut butter overload… and that is a GOOD THING! LOVE IT!

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