Vegetable Samosa Tarts

I still don’t have much of an appetite, but certain things I feel like I can eat….and this is one! I hope I keep this loss of appetite up enough to lose another 10 pounds! lol

Now, don’t worry, I am not doing too much. I’m not doing a whole lot at all. Actually, besides taking a few photos from HS and snapping pics of them to load up on facebook, this was all I did today….besides rest. A girl does have to eat you know!

For Taste & Create I was paired up with Arundathi of My Food Blog. She has so many recipes I want to try! She has made so many breads and it inspires me to want to make my own as soon as I can! I did make her Dutch Babies, but did so under the influence of pain meds and forgot to add the milk. Needless to say, that was a flop. Other recipes of hers that have caught my eye are her Jalapeno Pretzels, Nutella Brownies and Pesto and Garlic Bread!

I call these Vegetable Samosa Tarts. The recipe can be found on Arundathi’s post. She had made samosas but also made tarts with what was left of her dough. I had to do a little improvising because I didn’t have the mango powder (used garam masala, curry, cumin, ginger to my taste) and I only could find frozen peas & carrots in the fridge. I served these with the Tomato Chutney one of our Indian students made for me (and I totally love!!!). I went with the tarts to save myself too much arm work in rolling dough. It was easier to take a ball of dough, drop it in the tart pan and use my little pampered chef tart shaper to make a tart. Little effort at all!

Thanks again to Nicole of Taste & Create for hosting this awesome event. It is one I hope to always participate in!


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    Look great Shelby…I hope you are taking it easy. Oh wait, you can’t keep a good woman down, even under the influence of pain meds!

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    Ooooh I love the idea of these! And I agree, this is the best event, after all I found you thought it. 😉 And, btw, I wish I could drop some scones for you.

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    So glad you’re continuing to feel better! Don’t worry about those dutch babies…I forget things like milk even when I have no good excuse like pain killers :) These veggie samosa tarts look so excellent. I love samosas, so I can’t wait to try these little treasures! Keep feeling good!

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    Look at you go. Up and doing already. Good to hear that you are resting and feeling better. I am praying for a quick quick quick recovery for you.

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    Isnt it funny? So close. I am glad you stoped by. These little tarts are unique and adorable. I could so pop several in mouth. One at a time of course.

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