I finally did it!!

Over my Christmas break I saw posts by Jessie of The Hungry Mouse and Cory of Zesty Cook on making biscuits. I always looked at Baking Powder Biscuits made by others with true envy. I cannot tell you how many times I have tried and tried to make biscuits from scratch and never had them turn out…..and it certainly wasn’t because I didn’t know what I was doing! I had read everything possible I could find on why I couldn’t get nice, fluffy, big ole biscuits like my mom makes.

Now, don’t laugh when I tell you this. (well, ok, you can laugh, but don’t let me hear ya! haha). I used to work at McDonalds as a swing manager years ago. Back when their biscuits first came out – and I was a pro at making those! It was easy, it was just a mix. One thing I learned there was you do not overwork the dough. Those were some good biscuits. Buttery, salty, crisp edges, yummy and fattening!

I also always loved my biscuit with bacon and no egg! Yeah, I’m just not an egg person. Not as in eating an egg, or anything too eggy. Kind of makes my tummy not too happy. BUT, I’m not against making an egg for someone else to eat! Or adding cheese! :o)

My recipe varies from Jessie’s and Cory’s – so I will leave you with how I made my biscuits this morning. Feel free to check their recipes out also though! Their biscuits are what inspired me to want to get off my duff and finally make my own!

HoneyB’s Buttermilk Biscuits

2 cups all-purpose flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
5 tablespoons chilled unsalted butter
1 cup buttermilk

Preheat oven to 425F. In a large bowl, sift together flour, baking powder, salt, and baking soda. Cut shortening into the flour mixture with a pastry blender until the mixture forms coarse crumbs.
Add buttermilk, tossing with a fork, until dough holds together.
Turn dough onto a floured surface and form into a disk. Knead lightly just a few times until smooth.
Pat dough to a 3/4-inch thickness. Using a biscuit cutter or glass dipped in flour, cut out biscuits. Place biscuits about 2 inches apart on an ungreased baking sheet. Gather the trimmings and repeat forming and cutting.
Bake about 12 to 15 minutes, until golden brown. This made me about 7 good sized biscuits.


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    Your biscuits are just gorgeous! It’s funny: I’m not a meat girl at all (as I’ve told you before). I eat it, just not often. And I rarely ever look forward to it. BUT, I love, love, love crispy bacon on a biscuit. That is something I can totally crave/look forward to/etc. I’m so glad you posted this recipe; I want to get in the kitchen and make myself these gorgeous buttermilk biscuits!

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    Congrats! I relocated from CA to the south, where biscuit making is a way of life…people here take biscuit very serious! Adding buttermilk creates a tender, melt in your mouth biscuit. Thanks for sharing your success!

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    Great job those biscuits turned out beautiful. That is one thing i cannot make is biscuits. I can make a perfectly great hockey puck. LOL. I will give this recipe a try next week.

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    beautiful biscuits! so flaky and soft. I’m like you, I have not used buttermilk in my biscuits yet. Now I’m very tempted to try it out!

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    I actually never had the kind of biscuits you’re talking about. Over here we have cookies called biscuits. Your biscuits look amzing though! I’m having a go at making my own gnocci and my own bagels today!!

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    Your biscuits look great!!! So fluffy!!!

    Nathan is a HUGE biscuits and gravy guy so I usually make buttermilk biscuits about every other weekend for him. :)

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    Those look awesome. I agree about the no egg. I am a sausage and biscuit gal myself. Including McDonald’s I am embarrassed to admit, although I try to avoid them.

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