To Wren with Love

My heart is heavy this morning for someone I never met in person.

This morning I read on Megan’s Munchies that crminks from StumbleUpon has passed. In a short time I came to know this lady quite well as we had a few things in common. I enjoyed the sweet stumbles she would send me as she knew some of my trials and tribulations also. I am so very saddened by her loss. I dedicate today’s post to Wren.

Her last message to me in which I knew I may not hear from her again:

crminks Ever so patient, you. (kiss!) I am of delay in posting of friends, and of talents worthy. Such being you, both. But, ever so paitent you. Soon, I am of a nasty, so, just in case, let me of this: My love, it’s been a sincere pleasure, indeed. Cheeres, ~Wren.

She then sent me another message in reference to the Blood Orange Tart I had posted:

crminks …Oh, and, could there be a more sensual recipe? I think not!

She had an awesome sense of humor as in this post to me:

crminks Honey! Just because you weren’t satisfied with your bolognese sauce doesn’t mean you have to throw it to the dogs! No, wait… Hey, they really like it! CALL PURINA!!

She was very caring and thoughtful as she sent me this post when I told her it was Grumpy’s birthday the next day – and was feeling some physical pain of my own she sent me this message with a the beautiful photo at the beginning of my post:

crminks Really, tomorrow? Tell him he has near twin. My birthday is today. Marvelous, us, we Aquarians! Eh? Please plant a cheek smashing kiss upon his cheek, from fellow birthday celebrator. …Just, don’t tell him this is from anyone but you! …And, tell that arm to behave! Wren orders this to be so! Hah!

She made me laugh hysterically when she sent me this message in reference to Grumpy’s Birthday post:

crminks Brava, you! Congrats to the OLD geezer! …bwahahahaha!

My heart is so sad. I only hope she knows the joy and smiles she would bring me on a regular basis and she will be missed immensely. God speed my friend and it was a pleasure to know you. Hugs and Kisses (as she would many times end her messages to me).

edit: crminks discovered my blog and is the one who put me on StumbleUpon. I will be forever grateful for this.


  1. says

    Oh, I love Wren so. You captured her personality so well in these posts! I hadn’t heard from her and I knew something was wrong. I was so shocked when I read the message on her page. I knew it was coming, but I didn’t think this soon and I was holding on to hope that she might get better. I am going to miss her loving words and spirit!

  2. says

    A dear and loving friendship transcends the physical. My deepest and sincerest condolences for the loss of your friend and thank you for sharing your memories of her in this lovely tribute.

  3. says

    This is terribly sad news. I also got to know Wren through StumbleUpon and always got a kick out of how enthusiastic she was about my posts. I’m sorry to hear of her passing, but I am relieved to know she’s no longer suffering.

  4. Anonymous says

    Shelby, this is a beautiful tribute to a beautiful friend. Who says cyber friends aren’t “real friends”? Kathye

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