Tuesdays and cake and Dorie Greenspan

It’s Monday and as I write this post I am not sure what things will be like for me after today with my blogging. I’m not sure how I will feel or how soon I will get back into the swing of things after Tuesday – which is the day of my surgery. This could be my last Tuesday with Dorie post for a few weeks. A lot will depend on my recovery.

The pick this week was made by Sihan of Befuddlement and the pick was Blueberry Crumb Cake on pages 192-193 of Dorie Greenspan’s Baking: From my home to yours cookbook. You can view the recipe by checking out Sihan’s blog.

What to say about this recipe? Well, first of all, I didn’t use blueberries. I decided on Raspberries since I had recently made a blueberry coffeecake. My thoughts about this was that it turned out beautiful, had great crumb, was moist….but I just didn’t care for the flavor. Neither did Grumpy….so everyone at work benefited – and the consensus there was that it was great. Guess it was just Grumpy and myself who didn’t care fo it. We liked the last coffeecake I made better.

If your interested on the rest of the TWD takes on this coffee cake, please check out our blogroll!


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    Haha, lucky coworkers! I wonder what was off about the flaovr for you. I do love your substitution of raspberries…what a great way to mix this up! The cake certainly looks super pretty!

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    Your cake looks great! Sorry you and Grumpy didn’t care for it, but at least your co-workers enjoyed it!

    I hope your surgery goes well and that your recovery is speedy. *HUGS*

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    Sorry if guys didnt like it mine was a bit dry I think from the lack of fruit in mine.

    I hope everything works out for you and your back on your feet soon.

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    Bummer you and Grumpy weren’t crazy about the cake though it looks like a beauty!

    Take care and hope all goes well for you!!! Keep us posted.

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    Speedy recovery my friend!! I’ve survived 5 back/neck surgerys. The doctors can work wonders!!
    Your raspberry crumb cake is beautiful!!

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    it looks very good Shelby! I hope everything went well today Shelby, I’ve been thinking about you today and praying everything is alright.

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    I hope your surgery goes well and you have a speedy recovery. You will be missed but everyone understands!
    Im glad you liked the cake and it turned out so well. I thought it was very tasty and the topping was incredible!

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    Shelby, I wish you a very speedy recovery. I wish had better words to write. I hope an e-hug will do. Take care and know you have a lot of people who care about you! The blog world included.

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