I couldn’t help it!

Have you ever seen something and you know without a doubt, that you have to have it?

That doesn’t happen to me often. Where I have to have what I see ASAP! In the last 5 weeks of my recovery this has happened to me twice. The first time was with Giada’s Asparagus and Pasta recipe. I had been watching her show on tv and when I saw her dish I knew I had to have it. Unfortunately I had to wait a few days for it because I wasn’t able to drive myself to the store yet to get what I needed!

The second time this happened was yesterday. I saw Jessie’s post on The Hungry Mouse for her Spicy Mango Lime Salsa with Asian Pear. I immediately knew I was going to make it ASAP….and all I needed to get was the pear and cilantro. I had an appointment so I made a trip to the grocery before coming home and threw the salsa together. Oh me, oh my. If you have any inclination you would like this, then you must make it! You can serve this salsa along side some yummy spicy grilled pork or with some homemade tortilla chips (like I did this afternoon!). You can click on the link here to go to Jessie’s recipe for the salsa. Check out her blog while your at it because she has more than just yummy salsa there!

To make homemade tortilla chips:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray cookie sheet with cooking spray. Cut tortillas into 8 chip size wedges. Lay on cookie sheet and spray top of tortillas with cooking spray. Sprinkle with a little salt. Place in oven and bake for 8-9 minutes or until tortillas start to turn brown. Remove from cookie sheet and cool. Store in a sealed bag.


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    Oh you know I was at the store today and I was looking for mangoes but unfortunately the mangos they had were too ripe! Asian pears were not available.

    I’m dying to try this salsa!

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    That is a great salsa. I am always loving any kind of fruit salsa, I think they are so refreshing and I am always surprised at little additions like lime juice or mint or whatever else the creator comes up with. Love the second photo!

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    That looks really delish! And the tortilla chip?! Easy and yummy too! Thanks for sharing.

    Also, THANKS for stopping by and leaving such lovely comments on my SITS day!

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    Oh man, I have more than an inclination toward this salsa :) It sounds delicious!! I’m so glad you followed your gut and made it. How fabulous!

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