Lime, white chocolate and coconut muffins – Taste & Create Event

This month for Taste & Create I was paired with Karolcia of For the body and soul blog. Karlocia is a girl after my own heart….a lot of muffins, a lot of white chocolate, and a lot of coconut. As soon as I saw the recipe for Lime, white chocolate and coconut muffins – I knew I would be making it!

At first I was a little worried there wasn’t enough sugar, but never fear, the white chocolate adds sweetness to this muffin! I’m also pretty proud of my lime sectioning – I did an awesome job. Too bad I never thought to take a photo! I never realized how easy it was to section a citrus fruit before!

These tasted great. They were sweet enough, had that coconut lime kick and will make Grumpy happy with the white chocolate! I did follow Karolcia’s recipe as it was with the exception I wasn’t sure what to do with the lime rind. I ended up putting some of it in the batter and some for garnish. Also, in the future, I will not bake at 390 – this was too warm for my oven. I would go with 350 degrees. I baked at 390 for 15 minutes and had to pull them out because they were getting a bit overbrowned.

Thanks again to Nicole of For the Love of Food for hosting Taste & Create. If your interested, take a look at her site and send her the email to join up for May!


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    These sound great and what an inspired entry. When I first saw them the the topping reminded me of coconut macaroons my grandmother used to make…nothing like them really but isn’t it funny how a tiny glimpse can spark a whole memory!! Have a great day!

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    I think you just fit the essence of summer into a muffin, and man, do I want one. Talk about some of my favorite flavors ever. These muffins look fabulous!

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    I’m happy you liked them :-)

    I haven’t decide what to make from your blog yet. There are so many good recipes here, that it’s going to be hard to chose only one 😉

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    It’s me again. First, I have to apologize to you for not posting any of your recipes on my blog yet. I know I was supposed to make something from your blog till today, but I’ve just signed for too many events this month and then got sick. Now I have three deadlines the same weekend and just cannot make all the things at the same time. I didn’t forget about you though and I’ll certailny cook something from your blog later next week.

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