May 24, 2009

Family Recipes I

Last month Laura of The Spiced Life hosted an event called Grandma's Recipes. I loved the idea of this event since I feel inspired by my grandmother who loved to bake. I especially remember he cookies and mayonnaise cake. After some discussion with Laura, we decided to continue this event but would change the name to Family Recipes: Memories of Food, Family and Fun. We wanted this to be open to anyone who had family (or someone who was just like family) to be able to share. This is our first round up for Family Recipes and I want to give a special thank you to all involved. I want to thank Laura for thinking up an event like this and I am honored to be hosting with her! I hope that you will continue to submit posts in the future months and share all your terrific family recipes and family memories!

Watch Laura's blog for the announcement for next month's event deadline!

Hershey Pie

Our first submission is from Mary (from Alabama) of Gluten Free Cooking School. Mary submitted her Grandmother Somerville's Hershey Pie (pictured above). Mary's Grandmother used to make this pie for her after a good report card! She changed the recipe to suit her gluten free lifestyle. Please check her post out to read how she did this!

German Food
Emigila (Paris) of Tomato Kumato blogged about German food and posted 4 recipes! Emigila loved when her mom made German food and these recipes remind her of those days. Check out her post for all her great recipes!

Swiss Chard Suzanne
Jessica (Massasschussets) of Fearless Kitchen submitted her Chard Stalks Suzanne recipe. This is an adaptation of her mom's recipe in which she used Asparagus. (who she titled this recipe after!). Check out Jessica's blog for her recipe!

Chicken Divan, The Spiced Life Style
Laura (Midwest) of The Spiced Life submitted her mom's Chicken Divan recipe. This recipe was prepared for Laura's family whenever her dad was not home (he wasn't a fan of curry!). When Laura was in college she called on her mom for a recipe to prepare for a boyfriend and this was the recipe that her mom gave her. Check out her blog for the recipe!

Rosie's Lemon Layered Dessert
Tracy (Rochester, NY) of Rah Cha Chow submitted her favorite dessert that her mother in law Rosie makes. Rosie's Layered Lemon Dessert has a shortbread crust, creamy cheese filling and is topped with a lemon pudding. This is a very easy dessert to make so be sure to check out her blog for the recipe!

Grandma Trudie's Southern Apple Cake
Rachel (Saratooga Cty, NY) of The Crispy Cook submitted her Grandma Trudie's Southern Apple Cake. Rachel loving talks of her 3 grandmothers and gives us the recipe for the cake made by her Step-Grandmother. A very simple basic bundt cake that looks very delicious - make sure you check out her blog for this awesome recipe!

Greek Souvlaki
Barbara of Barbara Bakes wrote to me that she would love to participate in this event, but that she didn't have any family recipes to submit! I wrote her back and told her what about recipes that you make that your own family enjoys? To me, this will be a family recipe that your family will continue to make long after we are no longer here. So, Barbara submitted her recipe for Greek Souvlaki. Barbara has been making this recipe for over 25 years. I would say that more than qualifies this as a family recipe! Check out Barbara's blog for her recipe.

Quick and Easy Wine Cake
Rene aka Mrs. L of Pages, Pucks and Pantry shared what her Grandma W used to call "Sherry Cake." This cake evokes memories of her sitting around her grandma's kitchen waiting for the bundt cake to come out of the oven. Check out Rene's site for her recipe!

Mother's Oatmeal Cake
Lynda of Lynda's Recipe Box shared Mother's Oatmeal Cake recipe with us. Lynda say's she can close her eyes and imagine the smell that permeates the house of cinnamon when this cake is baking! This was her favorite cake growing up as a child. Please visit her site to check out her recipe!

Grandma's Kolocky
Cristine of Cooking with Cristine submitted her Grandma's Kolocky. Cristine says she "just adores her grandma." Well, I have praised this young woman before - I just adore her and I'm sure he Grandmother adores her too! Cristine's favorite baked good of her Grandma's was her Kolocky, however she raves about the many other things her Grandmother makes! For her recipe, make sure you check out her site!

Peppers and Eggs
Josie of 1 Kitchen, 2 Dogs and a Girl was the only one to blog about a recipe from a male member of their family! Josie shared her dad's recipe for Peppers and Eggs. She considers this a summer meal using the bounty from the garden :o) For her recipe make sure to check out her site!

Mom's Lentil Tostados
For my own submission, I blogged about my mom's recipe for Lentil Tostados. This is not a really old recipe, but it is has been around for at least the last 15 years or so. I ate this as an adult when I spent some time living with my mom and dad. I love the freshness of this dish and it is so easy to make. I also love that it is vegetarian :o) You can find the recipe for this dish by clicking here.


Fit Chick said...

WOW, great family recipes!How fun, they all sound delicious.

Katy ~ said...

All look so wonderful and delicious, and I would so greatly enjoy having any one of them right now! And the nice thing is, they're already family approved and loved!

HoneyB, what a terrific event you're co-hosting. It's a lot of fun and one that I fully enjoy following.

Barbara Bakes said...

Great roundup! I can't decide which one to try first!

Ingrid said...

Yum, all of these looks great! Thank you for sharing.

Tracy said...

Thanks for including me! The recipes look delicious!

Bellini Valli said...

I am sorry that I missed this event HoneyB, but will look forward to all the tributes in the future:D

burpandslurp said...

wow! what a whole LOAD of great and comforting recipes! I can't wait to check out all of them!

Reeni♥ said...

What a lovely round-up of delicious recipes!

Rachel said...

I enjoyed perusing the blog posts of family memories. Great idea for an event!

Bunny said...

Shelby they all look fantastic!! Great round up!

Anonymous said...

WOW, GHB, you all outdid yourselves, I copied almost all of them to try. Thanks, Kathye

Elyse said...

Looks like a fabulously successful first round up! Great job, everyone. So many delicious dishes to choose from. I need to say all of these family-inspired, tried and true recipes!

Pam said...

Oh yum - everything looks so good, especially that lemon dessert.

Josie said...

Thanks for handling the round up Shelby. Now I have to decide whose family dish to try first...

Lynda said...

Thanks for including me! Now to decide what to fix first as everthing is delicious looking!

Creative One said...

All wonderful recipes. Look forward to trying them.

Katie's blog said...

I really wanted to post, but this has been such a hectic time!

I have this wonderful cookbook from my Great Grandma, that I am going to cook from this summer. Your post is wonderful with lots of great recipes and nifty memories. What a neat idea!

Laura said...

Awesome! Sorry it took me a while--we were at a cabin in East Aurora, NY (anywhere near you?) and totally without internet (gasp!). After 2 weeks on the road I am SO GLAD to be home. Anyway, you did a great job, thanks for taking the first turn.

Cristine said...

Great round up! Thanks for putting together this event!

Tangled Noodle said...

What a fantastic round-up of recipes! They may be family classics but many of them are quite new to me. Thanks for hosting such a great event.

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