June 30, 2009

47 years ago today...

...my Mom & Dad said their vows. I had planned to have something special made for them to post today, we had an emergency here and I was unable to do so. I can't forget their day here though and am posting a photo from last year at Justin & Kristina's wedding.

Shelby, Mom, Phil Jr (in back), Dad, Steve

The family created by Phil & Gwen Law

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad. I love you! XOXO


  1. Beautiful family! And you look like your beautiful Mom!

    Happy anniversary to your parents.

  2. Happy anniversary to your folks. Love how your blog looks.

  3. A Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad.
    Such a wonderful picture!

  4. Happy Anniversary to your folks, that's quite a success!! I enjoyed the beautiful photo of your family.

  5. Happy anniversary to your parents!!!

    Hope everything else's okay!

  6. 47 years. Quite a feat today with so many divorces. Happy to them. And to you.

  7. Wow...this is amazing. My mom and stepdad were both widowed when they met...they have been married 47 years this year! Your parents are a nice looking couple and you and mom could be sisters! CONGRATS TO THEM!!

  8. Happy Happy Happy Anniversary to your Mom & Dad!
    Beautiful photo of all of them :)



  9. Happy anniversary to your parents.Many more happy years to come. I hope Grumpy is on the mend:D

  10. Yet another belated special greeting to your parents on their 47th! I hope that all is well re: your emergency . . .


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