I messed up, but only on the date….

Well, I guess I have to start by saying I was messed up yesterday! Here I thought it was June 28 until Mom informed me about halfway through the day that it was only the 27th! Well, I guess at least I wasn’t late for my Nanny’s birthday. Then on the other hand, I can present a 2nd cupcake and do it on her birthday for real! πŸ˜‰

Yesterday, for the first time in a long time, I attended a camp meeting church service. I have to admit that the speaker had me entranced. He was great and I would listen to him again if he were to be around here. I also got to see a few old classmates, had lunch with my friend Phyllis and her family and shared my Jelly Filled Peanut Butter frosted cupcakes….along with these Vanilla flavored ones.

I saw a cupcake on Cupcakes take the Cake that was red and white swirled and frosted with red and white swirled frosting….then topped with blue M&M’s. I decided these would be pretty cool to share with my friends so I went to my TK Blogging friend Dishy and made her Yellow Cupcake recipe.

Because I wanted to replicate the cupcake I saw on the other blog I added some food coloring to some of the batter and frosting and did a copy cat. I think that I might make these again and maybe add some strawberry flavor to the cupcake batter. I did get a small taste of this cupcake when I got home as Grumpy was willing to let me cut a little piece from the one I left here for him to try. This was a really nice cake with a really nice crumb. I would definitely make this recipe again! If you want to try Dishy’s recipe CLICK HERE.


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