Lions and Tigers and Bears…..and Dinosaurs!?

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Sunday I convinced Grumpy to drive me 2 hours to Syracuse just to go to the zoo and then afterward we would go to dinner. I figured driving his new truck and getting to go to dinner would be more than enough to convince him to go. After all, the truck only is driven when we go somewhere together as he drives a work van daily. It took some convincing, but finally he agreed to go. ;o)

You see, I love, love, love bears. Black bears are my very favorite. While they aren’t scarce around here I have only seen them in the Adirondacks while in their natural habitat. I also love the Kodiak bear! In any case, I was being hit with memories of going to the Syracuse Zoo when I used to live only a couple of blocks from it and had the urge to go. I was slightly disappointed because the Kodiak bear wasn’t there, but was satisfied when Grumpy told me to buy a little stuffed black bear to bring home!

I have to admit for as much as I love to see these animals I left the zoo sad – as did Grumpy. The animals just did not look happy to me. They aren’t in their natural environment. I wish they were. I’d give up seeing them in order for them to be where they would be happiest. I never really felt that way all those years ago when I used to visit. Somehow, as I have gotten older, I realize that its not fair to those animals to be enclosed and caged and not where they belong. How sad.

After our trip to the zoo we decided to head on over to a prehistoric scene. ha ha. Not really – but the name of the resturaunt is prehistoric! We went to the Dinosaur BBQ. Oh my goodness. This was the most awesome meal out we had experienced in a long time. Grumpy isn’t big on BBQ (I know, I know, you all are thinking what is wrong with him! ha!) but he willing went there because I wanted to go so badly. The view from outside can be somewhat intimidating and you might wonder if you dare go in lest there be a big ole biker fight you get caught up in the middle of, but there we no fights…not while we were there at least! ;0)

Once we were seated the waitress was right there to wait on us. She was the best waitress we have had in a long, long time! She was friendly and helpful and when I told her we had never been there before she brought us a sample of their macaroni salad and baked beans. Yummy! We ordered the Sampler platter which was ribs, brisket and chicken along with two sides. We added on an order of the Cajun Boiled Shrimp (AWESOME!). The whole experience was great and the cost of dinner was only $33 plus a generous tip. Oh, and BTW, that price included 3 beers! If you are ever near a Dinosaur BBQ, make sure to go. The food is definitely worth it and I would jump at a chance to go again!


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    Love it! Thanks so much for posting all the pics. I love going to the zoo. I've heard about the Dinosaur BBQ from a handful of folks…glad to know it lived up to its stellar rep for food!


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    What a fun filled day. My kids and I go to the zoo all the time. The dinner sounds so good and affordable. Don't you love it when you get a really good server – it makes the experience so much better.

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    I've heard of Dinosaur BBQ before, but never had the chance to go to one! Now you've got me wanting to road trip up that way so I can taste it for myself!

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    We used to live in Rochester, New York, and loved to go to Dinosaur BBQ. We moved away a few years ago, but were back in Rochester last month to visit friends, and Dinosaur BBQ was as good as ever (maybe better). I didn't realize they had one in New York City now — we will have to pay that one a visit!

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    You must visit the Columbus Zoo someday–not only is the bear exhibit fantastic (because it is 2 brother cubs, rescued by a hunter after the mother died, so they play with each other and frankly they would not have survived without coming to the zoo) but also the habitat is quite natural. Makes them hard to see sometimes.

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    I understand what you mean about the zoo, but so many of do such good wildlife work too.
    I guess it's just sad that it had to come to that.

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    I love the zoo, too! But it is sad – especially for animals who are a long way from their natural habitat. When I lived in Az the zoo there had polar bears. Who ever heard of polar bears living in the desert? Poor babies! The BBQ sounds yummy!

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