Remembering Nanny’s Birthday

If she were here, today would be my Nanny’s birthday.

This is Nanny and I back in 2001. I made these cupcakes last night to share with friends but making them I thought of her the whole time. Guarantee she would love these cupcakes. I know Chris does and when he sees this post I am going to hear it….so just to make sure none of the kids come after me for not giving them any of these specific cupcakes….I will make sure Chris, Justin & Kristina do get some of another batch that I will make! 😉

The recipe is from Peanut Butter and Company and I have posted about these before with the recipe. If you would like to see the recipe please CLICK HERE.


  1. says

    Those look great!

    I was watching Everyday Baking today and it was all about cupcakes! And then you post these: i really want some now! :)

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