Family Recipes – extension and reminder

Ducks on the Dock @ Cape Vincent

I wasn’t a very good host this month for Family Recipes. Life really got in the way for me with all the stuff that happened here. Today is supposed to be the deadline but I am extending the deadline to July 31 at midnight. So please, send me your submissions by then if you would like to be included :-)

I’m sure my regular readers have noticed that I am not posting as much. Mainly because I’m not cooking or baking as much right now. Grumpy and I are really behaving ourselves and not eating a lot of baked goods and heavy meals. Its paying off better for Grumpy than it is for me. Isn’t that always the way the cookie crumbles? he he. It is all in preparation for our cruise, which is now happening in just a few weeks! Yay!

Since it seems strange for me to post without some photos I will leave you with some of the beauty of the 1000 Islands where our family (Grumpy’s side) spent some time together last weekend.

just a few places I think are really cool to see…..

these photos (above) are in Clayton, NY….

if you click this photo it gets bigger and you can see that there are a page full of windmills on the land….

the ferry at Cape Vincent

my BIL Scott and myself

Grumpy said I couldn’t post this but I’m the “boss” of this ole blog and I put it up anyway. We will see if he even notices I posted it….ha ha.


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