I’m a good girl!

Don’t listen to Grumpy. He lies like a rug. 😉 and he will tell you I’m a bad girl. But I’m here to tell you that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. If you happen to be a friend on my facebook account, you will see Grumpy chime in about food I’ve made, about quizzes I take, comments I make…..and it is most always in tune with his Grumpy character!

I kinda got a chewing out for making these today. Yesterday I made my the bombshell brownies at my In-Laws house but I left them there of course. Then today, I was looking at my friend Val’s blog and I remembered I had bookmarked her Salted Caramel Brownies she blogged about. It has been a long time since I’ve used my grey sea salts. I wanted to make more brownies. I didn’t have to eat them. But I did eat one. That’s why I’m a good girl. ‘Cause I’m not going to eat anymore today.

I’m not too good at candy making. I’ve told you that before. After I read the recipe and had already started the brownie batter I realized I didn’t read that the caramel sauce had to be made before the brownies were mixed up. I’m still a good girl. I just didn’t read the whole recipe. :-p

In any case, I’m proud that I salvaged the caramel sauce and the brownies turned out perfect! Thanks Val for making these and bringing them to my attention! I think though I can’t make any more brownies for a while. If you want to make these too, please go check out Val’s post on her blog. I think you should go anyway. 😉


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    These look delicious!! I made cookies today, will blog about them tomorrow as I have just put a post online about enchiladas.

    Yes, yet another enchilada recipe… Although this one was nice (but way too hot, I prefered yours 😉

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    I'm in trouble now. We love brownies in this household. Now I to try these and your bombshell brownies. My poor waistline….oh well :)

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    Love the salty with the sweet! Bet those were yummy!

    HoneyB you are one of the very BESTEST girls! :)

    Btw, yes, I know that isn't a true word but its kinda a joke with my children.

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    If you ate only one of these beauties, you truly are a good girl!

    I love sweet/savory combinations so I'm sure I'll love this one!

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