Made with love… exciting giveaway!

Have you heard of Made with Love products? I hadn’t heard of this product until my blogging friend Val of More than Burnt Toast brought it to my attention. Made with Love – Spice Blends & Delectable Edibles offer 9 natural gourmet spice blends that can be used to create natural and healthy dishes. Val and I have been given the opportunity to offer a giveaway in collorboration with Made with Love over a six week period! This means 6 different giveaways each valued at $40 a piece!

For week 1 we are giving away an Earth-friendly Gift Set Trio of Red Pepper, Daring Dill & Country Onion Medi-size SpiceBlends worth $40. To enter the giveaway you need to do the following:

To enter:

1) Visit their web site and find the image/photo “The Kiss” for this weeks entry and enter to win.

2) Leave a comment at where you found the ” The Kiss”.

3) You will be automatically entered to win a Made With Love Eco-friendly Spice Blends Gift Set worth $40!!! This weeks winner will receive the trio of Red Pepper, Daring Dill and Country Onion.

4) Visit either Val at More Than Burnt Toast or myself at the beginning of each week for a delicious recipe and a new chance to win 2 different Spice Blend gift sets each week!!!

5) The lucky winners who receive their Spice Blends will create a recipe using their products, blog about it with a link to . All of the recipe creations will be posted as a roundup on More Than Burnt Toast and here on The Life and Loves of Grumpy’s Honeybunch. Your recipe may even be on the Made with Love website!!!

Made with Love also has recipes on their site that you can use their spice blends in – and this week Val has made Cream of Asparagus Soup using the Daring Dill spice blend. Make sure you check out both Made with Love and Val’s blog for their recipes!


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    I have to buy these products since they are made in BC. Thanks for taking about it. I am looking at an image with something written 'The Kiss'? I've been looking and could not find it. :)

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    Looks like wonderful products. I think I found the correct image and I left my comment. Thanks for sharing about these spice blends.

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