Spoiling Grumpy

I mentioned in an earlier post about needing comfort. Many people had emailed me telling me that they hope things are OK and wishing us well. Thank you so much for your thoughts and well wishes. This last week has been rough, but we will be OK.

The bad news …. last Monday Grumpy was laid off from work. What total devastation that was for him. Grumpy loved his job. He lived and breathed what he did. It was totally unexpected. The last thing he told me was they were talking about cutting everyone down to a 4 day work week…then he got this news out of the blue. He was told that they didn’t know for how long this lay-off would be and was asked to turn everything in – down to his uniforms.

This isn’t going to be easy but we will get thru this. I love my Grumpy (who by the way isn’t always grumpy). I will work with him and love him and support him in any decision he makes. Our immediate future isn’t extremely hopeful considering the economic situation but we have been discussing our options and feel good about them. Instead of being depressed and pessimistic, we both are optimistic and feel there is some good things coming for us in our future. Grumpy isn’t the only one in this type of situation I am sure of it and going through this only makes care more for those who have less than we do. I know it is rough and I am fortunate I have my job (which BTW I do love too!). Hopefully things will start to look up for all of us in the future.

In any case, it sure doesn’t sound like Grumpy has been spoiled too much after those last two paragraphs, eh?! But, contrary to what I just told you, my Grumpy is spoiled rotten. He say’s he’s deprived, but he knows better! Anyone who knows Grumpy and I, knows that I give him anything and everything he wants….within reason. 😉 Hey, didn’t he just get his truck a few months ago? Something I will not let him lose btw. I will fight tooth and nail to make sure of that!

So, since we don’t have this meal too often, this weekend I decided that I would spoil Grumpy with it. It is his favorite meal. Honey Walnut Shrimp with Fried Rice. The recipe for the Honey Walnut Shrimp can be found by CLICKING HERE. The recipe for the Fried Rice came from Blog Chef. I followed the recipe for his shrimp fried rice but substituted diced ham for the meat. CLICK HERE for Chef Bobby’s recipe!

OH, and if you have made it this far….our cruise is NOT affected. I had taken care of our cruise quite some time ago and so we will be going. Something I think we both deserve and need after all we have been through so far this year. We are going to go, have fun and relax. We will worry about our problems when we get back! After all, this is our honeymoon….5 years later….but we deserve it. 😉


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    I am so so so sorry to hear about Grumpy's job. I am happy to hear you are both optimistic, and that you are planning a great time on your cruise. I wish you the best!

    That fried rice, btw, looks fabulous!

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    I think you're right something good is just around the corner for you. When the Lord closes a door somewhere he opens a window. The rice looks easy and delicious!

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    I'm so sorry to read of your Grumpy being laid off. Hopefully something good will come of it. I'm glad you will be able to take your *honeymoon*. All the best to you as you overcome this bump in the road.

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    I'm so sorry to hear about grumpy's job situation. This economy truly sucks these days.

    This time to relax and enjoy each other on your cruise! :)

    That meal looks really tasty and definitely comforting :)


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    HoneyB, I'm so sorry to hear that Grumpy has lost his job. Hopefully it will be for just a short time. My Dad was laid off from his about two months ago and just this past week they called him back. I hope this is the case for Grumpy!

    I remember seeing the shrimp dish but haven't gotten around to making. I'm changing that this week as its just Devon and myself.

    I hope you enjoy your cruise!

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    *hugs* you two are strong and I know you will make it through this rough patch :) Even still… my thoughts are with you.

    *more hugs*

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    Go on that cruise and have the time of your lives! Because when you get back you'll feel great and have a great attitude and that is when all the good stuff falls into place. This to shall pass. I say it to myself everyday. Besdes the power of "favorite" food is mighty. GREG

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    My hubby was laid off too, in March. He had been employed there for 8 years. Because of his seniority, never having a written or verbal warning, we never dreamed it would happen to him. But being a senior employee costs more. Higher wages and superior benefits.

    I always stayed optimistic and vowed to support him in whatever he decided to do. He decided to go back to school and study to be an electrician. So it has been week one of school and besides struggling with the math a bit, he's doing great.

    I wish you all the best and hope things work out for you two! And enjoy the cruise and each other!

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    I love to read your blog…I am so sorry to hear that;I pray that something else will turn up quickly for him,all the best to you both!

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    I am sorry Grumpy got laid off. It's nice to hear you are both being so optimistic for your future.

    The walnut shrimp and fried rice would cheer me up – what a fantastic meal.

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    Shelby…I have not been faithful to reading the last couple of weeks due to lots of family things, but when i saw this…OMG…I know you will weather this. Things are tough, but somwhow you get through. You guys have had your share this year…praying for you. XOXO

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    I'm sorry to hear about Grumpy's job situation. I will pray that he finds something else soon or that he can go back to his old job.

    This shrimp look wonderful!

    Glad you still get to enjoy your cruise. :0)

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    So sorry to hear about that. The recession is affecting everywhere in the world and I see this problem in everyplace.

    I wish the best of the luck for both and the food is absolutely comforting :)

    Really all the best!



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    I am so sorry to hear this! What tough times these are–Josie was laid off a while back and I know it has been hard on her. As you say, many are in this position. I'll be thinking of you guys and I am glad to hear the cruise is still all set up.

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    Shelby, hugs to you both. I know Grumpy loved his job but he worked soooo very hard with crazy hours. This is a mixed blessing, I think. It's hard to lose a job and face the future with uncertainty, but now you two will have more time together and maybe you can find time to kick back a little together. The cruise couldn't come at a better, more needed, time. I believe it will all work out for the best, and I am heartened that you two are optimistic about the future as well.

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    I'm so sorry! But I'm glad you still are going on your cruise – I know how excited you were about it. Those honey walnut shrimp are great comfort food!

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    So sorry that this happened! This may sound a bit happy headed, but sometimes a crisis like this can lead to interesting opportunities you both might never have allowed yourselves to consider.

    Stay open to all possibilities and see what your intuition tells you.

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    I'm sorry to hear about Grumpy's job but as you said, I'm sure you will get through this. Plus, the cruise will help a lot :) It will give you new perspective.

    BTW, walnut shrimp is my daughter's favorite so I'm bookmarking yours. Take care!

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    I'm so sorry to hear about the layoff…You are so right to be counting your blessings, especially your talent of cooking, which is saving you SO much money! I'm happy to hear that the cruise is still on…I've been looking for a good fried rice recipe…thanks for the post!

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    I am so sorry to hear about this. I know how it is as I've been laid off my job in the past but be sure that there will be better days. I love shrimps and your sound delicious.

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    I was sorry to hear that the economic disaster (that seems to be spreading) is effecting one of my favorite bloggers! I'm also glad you aren't canceling your trip…it will do you both good to get away and enjoy each other for a while. I made fried rice today too!

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    lay offs are horrible :( its really bad where I live. I hope everything works out!

    It looks like the fried rice came out fantastic. Ham sounds delicious.

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    I'm so sorry to hear about Grumpy's job. They always seem to sneak up on us eh?!!! I'm sure there is something even better out there which is why you are now being forced that direction :)

    Wishing you a fabulous honeymoon and an incredible sense of peace through all of this.

    Eating comfort food is certainly a great start!!

    All the best to you both, Emily

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    I'm so, so sorry about Grumpy's job – these economic times are testing us all! But he is so lucky to have such a wonderful, supportive wife. Sending you both good thoughts!

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    So sorry to hear about Grumpy's job. It's a tough time for so many people right now. It's good to hear you are both doing ok and can still take your trip. Might be just what you both need right now.

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    Sometimes you have to walk thru the darkness to find the light. I'm so sorry about Grumpys job loss but that is how doors open. Hows that for optimism? LOL
    Enjoy your cruise and take lots of pictures. I wanna see the buffet. that is my picture request! 😉

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    This shrimp dish is very tasty.

    Sorry that Grumpy lost his job. It is good that you are both optimistic and not letting this get you down. Everything has a way of always working itself out and I am sure good things are in store for you and Grumpy.

    Your cruise is exactly what you both need and deserve. Enjoy!

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    So sorry to hear, that stinks. I have so many friends collecting unemployment now it's unbelievable. Enjoy your vacation and the rest of the summer and think positive!

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    I just got back from a week's vacation and I'm catching up on your blog. Know that I will continue wishing you and Grumpy all the best in this tough time.

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    I'm so sorry to hear about Grumpy's job situation but am relieved to hear that you'll still be taking your cruise. You're right — you both deserve some time away from reality to rest and regroup.

    Now, to go after that fried rice recipe! 😉

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