August 23, 2009

Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce

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Pork Tenderloin Steaks ala Country BobPork Tenderloin Steaks ala Country Bob

Before I went on vacation I received an email from Al asking me if I would like to try some Country Bob's sauce. I immediately responded yes! I had seen others had tried the sauce and really enjoyed it and I'm always for trying something new - especially if it is a sauce or marinade.

Justin & Kristina came over to say bye to us before we we to go on our trip and I decided to try the sauce that evening and made the all purpose dipping sauce that is on one of the recipes cards. It was 1 part ranch dressing to 2 parts sauce - and was really yummy!

After we came home (and we seemed to bring the heat home with us) it was way too hot to cook much so I decided to make a fruit salad and grill some pork tenderloin steaks. I brushed the sauce on the steaks as is and they turned out great. There are many other ways I plan to try this sauce out and as I do I will let you know about them!


  1. I love this sauce! GreAT looking pork.

  2. This realy looks good Shelby, I'm lovin those grill marks too!

  3. The grill marks on that pork made my mouth water. Welcome home by the way- I am glad to see what an awesome trip you had :)

  4. Quick and easy just like I love it in the summer heat:D

  5. Love the grill marks and the sauce looks amazing!


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