August 07, 2009

Gone a cruisin!

Yes, by the time you read this Grumpy and I will be on our way. The kitties will have company as we have Chris house/cat sitting while we are gone. I'm sure he is going to enjoy every minute of being here without parents. lol.

While I am on vacation I have some special friends who agreed to do blog posts for me! Make sure you come back to see their posts and let them know you visited!


  1. Have a great time! They have internet access on the ship and I couldn't resist it!

  2. Have a wonderful time on your cruise Shelby!

  3. Hope you guys ahve a safe and fabulous vacation! Eat LOTS and then tell us of all the spectacular food you had!

  4. While the parents are away...the kitties will play~ Have a great time!

  5. Have fun! Get some sun and have a fruity drink for me!


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