Our Cruise

I know you all are dying to hear about our cruise so I won’t hold back from you any longer! šŸ˜‰ We had a really relaxing, great time. Something we both needed after the year we have had here. I almost hated to leave but I don’t imagine we could handle cruising long term – neither one of us are ones who can sit still for very long without getting antsy.

We went on the Carnival Glory Ship and from the time we flew out until the time we flew home everything went super smooth. Not normal for us Ruttans! We were some of the first people to be on the ship so we got to look around, have some lunch, have a beverage and then by 3 that afternoon we were able to go to our rooms. On the 7 days we were gone we had 2 full days at sea and 4 different ports. The days we had at sea we took our time getting around, went to some shows, hung out on the upper decks above the lido, soaked up the sun and had the drinks of the day delivered right to us. Talk about being pampered! We didn’t have to get up and move an inch if we wanted a drink on the deck as the crew comes around the deck looking to serve you if you wish! We definitely see another cruise in our future but probably not until after Grumpy is finished with school and has a new job. Yes, Grumpy is definitely going back to school for another year starting next week! :-)

I will load other photos on my Facebook Fan Page very soon where you can see more if you wish! You are also more than welcome to become a fan when you visit! :-)

Powerboat excursion in Cozumel
Powerboat Excursion in Cozumel

Adrian, our guide in Cozumel for our Powerboat excursion with myself and Grumpy. Adrian was the absolute best and this was the best time we had all together on the cruise. If you ever go to Cozumel and do an excursion – this is the one to do! We want to go back to Cozumel just to see Adrian again!

Grumpy arrival in Belize
Grumpy @ our arrival in Belize

Grumpy & HoneyB
One of our formal photos

Junkanoo @ Bahamas w/ HoneyB
Arrival in Bahamas


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    Shelby…beautiful couple and it looks like you had fun. I love the formal photo. If you never go on another cruise, at least you got to experience one!! :-)

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    Ohhh Shelby, I've been so looking forward to your cruise report. You two look so cute in all your photos. Relaxed.. and happy… and in love. Glad to hear all went well and you're safely back home. Now start cooking, would ya? We've all been starving for over a week!

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    Greats photos!! Cruises are a blast. I'm glad you guys enjoyed yourself! Everyone deserves it.

    I can't believe how BLUE that ocean is. Wow!

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    Beautiful, crystal blue days! You and Phil are positively glowing and gorgeous together! Such wonderful memories. Thank you for sharing these moments with us.

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    The people who work on cruise ships are amazing. I've ben on lots of cruises and there are actually some workers we keep in touch with who live all over the world. We were on a two week cruise through the Carribean and I had a woman from Jamaica who babysat my kids every single night while we went to late dinner, shows, dancing…it was amazing.

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    Looks like you had a wonderful time. I hear Belize is quite the place. maybe someday I'll get to see it! :) Glad you had a good time! Welcome home!

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