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Yesterday Grumpy and I went to our friends Randy & Amanda‘s house. Grumpy was going to help Randy get his gazebo finished and he took his bow so they could target shoot (practice). You know, that time of year is coming up next weekend!

I decided to take some special brownies. No, not that kind of special…..I had finally found some Pumpkin Spice Kisses at Target this weekend. I looked all over for these last year and couldn’t find them anywhere. I had been eying a recipe I had seen on another blog that melted the kisses and swirled them into a brownie batter so I was excited when I found these kisses, the recipe sounded too good to not get to try!


They turned out very fudgy and very yummy! The top where the kisses were swirled into the brownie was all crackly and underneath was all the fudge. Hard to keep out of. Thankfully Amanda didn’t fight me when I told her we would leave the last of them at her house. 😉


I found the recipe on Key Ingredient – and it originated at Dinner and Dessert. The recipe is adapted from one of Dorie Greenspan’s brownie recipes. If you love pumpkin give this a try…the brownie recipe itself can’t go wrong, it is one of the best ones out there for fudgy brownies!


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    I've heard about those pumpkin spice kisses, I think I saw them in duane reade the other day and I should have grabbed them when I had the chance. I would love to have some of that chewy and moist brownie

  2. Anonymous says

    Shelby, the brownies look awesome, but what caught my eye of course, was your header on the San Francisco Food Bank Challenge! Just copied it to my boss. $4.00 a day is quite a challenge to most of us, but not my clients! Thanks, Kathye

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    Pumpkin kisses? That's a new one on me. Such a nifty ingredient for this time of year!

    Your pictures are so delicious looking that I am STARVING for one of these.

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    This looks wonderful! I searched and searched for those kisses last year and couldn't find a single bag. I'm on the hunt again this year! Where did you end up finding them?

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    I gotta get to Target and grab a few bags of those kisses! I'm gonna cheat and use a box mix. Shhh, the boys I bake for will never know anything but that Miss Ingrid baked for them! :)

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    If you get a chance do try Dorie's original recipe – it is so delicious with fresh pumpkin. The kisses look like a delicious shortcut though!

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