Fall berries


Earlier this week I went over to visit my parents and brother and came home with some raspberries. I always joke about going to mom and dad’s to go grocery shopping. ha. I’m serious, in the summer I come home with goodies like beets, cucumbers, strawberries, corn on the cob, zucchini…and on Tuesday night I came home with 2 butternut squash and some raspberries. Mom had a box of them sitting right on her table waiting just for me. :-)

Fresh raspberries are just too fragile to keep around too long and I needed to make something – so I asked my friends on facebook if anyone had a tried and true recipe that used fresh raspberries. Maria of Two Peas and Their Pod left a comment with a link to a dessert she has made on her blog. I was busy baking her recipe the very next night. I will say the house smelled heavenly. Grumpy actually came into the living room after I had sat it out to cool and said “that stuff is pretty good.” Um, I kinda went like “you better not be eating that yet!” LOL. I’m sure he knew he would get a rise out of me by making me think he dug into that cake before I got any photos!

Thanks Maria for linking me to your recipe, it was fabulous!
For the recipe CLICK HERE.


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    I learned about the fall crop of raspberries just this past summer while I was visiting Green City market and almost cried to a farmer when the last of the raspberries was taken.

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