Its in my genes

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My mom didn’t teach me how to cook pork. Actually, if I think about it, my mom didn’t teach me how to cook meat and I really didn’t care much back then either. About the one thing I remember wanting as a kid and not getting at home – was shrimp and bacon. Two of the no-no’s of our church. I would go to Nanny & Poppy’s house and would be thrilled if Poppy was eating bacon or shrimp. I still love both things but I rarely eat the bacon and that is mostly because my diet doesn’t need all that fat. That, and the fact that stripples taste pretty darn good to me so I don’t feel the need for bacon so much. My HS years were spent in a boarding academy so I really didn’t get a lot of cooking skills then either. I’m thinking its in my genes. To “know” how to cook. I certainly have the desire to learn more about cooking. I’d like to quit my job and just study culinary arts and keep cooking up a storm. Too bad I can’t afford to. Too bad I hadn’t felt this way 20 years ago.

While trying to think of appetizing and good for the waistline meals I decided on this Pork Chop with Maple Mustard Glaze from Cooking Light. I needed something that was quick and easy and something that I had the ingredients for on hand. This was served with salt potatoes and steamed spinach. Yeah, it made Grumpy happy. I’m thinking of trying the sauce on tofu though….For the recipe CLICK HERE


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    I had no idea you went to a boarding school (why would I, lol). Did you like it? Anyhoo, I am thinking this glaze looks just fine to me. I love maple with pork.

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    No bacon or shrimp! Oh, boy those were one of the few things I would eat.

    Btw, I'll have that pork chop! I'm starving and it's waaay past lunch which I haven't had yet! :(

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    I've spent a most of my nearly 16 years of marriage just being a mediocre cook (as in just managing to keep the hubs from starving). But with blogging, I've really immersed myself in learning to be a more intuitive cook – to make something on the fly rather than follow a recipe to a T. However, I'm also realizing that the act of cooking (from a recipe or my imagination) is enjoyable. Period. I love all that you do!

    The Maple Mustard Glaze looks soooo good and I love your new profile pic!

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