Presto Pasta is Tuesday at HoneyB’s


Knowing I wanted to make a pasta dish this week for Presto Pasta Nights, I went on a search for something I could make as a side dish. I came across this recipe on (which of course is another Cooking Light recipe – expect me to make much different?)


The recipe I found was for Pork Schnitzel with Noodles and Browned Cabbage. I knew immediately the noodles and cabbage would be a hit with me and the pork would satisfy Grumpy’s “gotta have meat” attitude.


I read the reviews for this recipe and found that people were kind of complaining that the pork wasn’t good. One person in particular made the comment that the lemon juice makes the pork taste good and to make sure you use it. I made the recipe, used the lemon juice and the only thing I needed myself was a little more salt on the noodles and that is probably because I love salt (thankfully it doesn’t hurt my BP any! My last check was 122/68 – pretty darn good!) The pork was seasoned well enough for me and the lemon juice DID make the pork taste good. Don’t forget to use it if you make this!

This week Presto Pasta Nights is being hosted by Ruth herself of Recipes from 4EveryKitchen and Presto Pasta Nights. Make sure to check her blog out for the round up on Friday!

For the recipe I made CLICK HERE.


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