A cookie favorite

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A little while ago I came across a cookie recipe on Linda’s blog – Weekend Cook for a vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe. I immediately made it and they disappeared as quickly as I made them! Last week I decided to make these again to share with a vegan friend at work.

The first time I made them, they didn’t look at all like Linda’s photo. Not sure what I’m doing wrong but they spread out and flattened. Linda did tell me I could try using some cream of tarter to make them stay round but I still say these are topping my list at the best chocolate chip cookie out there flat or rounded! Mine are a little darker this time because I was out of light brown sugar and used dark brown instead. Still yummy.

I love the dried cherries and dark chocolate in the recipe. The cookie is chewy – never hardens. This makes it one Grumpy likes also (which is why the first time I made these I never had opportunity to photograph because everyone ate them up so fast!). For Linda’s recipe you can click here. If you want to check out another vegan chocolate cherry chip recipe you can also visit Elle by clicking here!

Thanks for the recipe Linda. It is one that is definitely going to be sticking around in the Grumpy household!


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