Cooking Light Virtual Supper Club – November

Its time for the Cooking Light Virtual Supper Club gathering again! This month we did Tapas, Appetizers & Small Plates in preparation of the upcoming holidays. I decided to make the Harvest Sweet Potato Pecan Pie Tartlets (recipe found by CLICKING HERE). These were super easy and quick to make. Not to mention super yummy! It was hard to stop eating them! Actually, Grumpy didn’t get to eat any of these because he went out of town a few days to hunt and before he returned home my sons and I had devoured what there was of them between us!

Make sure to stop by the other Cooking Light Virtual Supper Club members to see the yummy appetizers they brought to our table this month!

Val of More Than Burnt Toast: Windowpane Potato Chips & Sliders with Shallot-Dijon Relish
Helene of La Cuisine d’Helene: Grilled Pepper Poppers
Aggie of Aggie’s Kitchen: West Indies Shrimp & Mini Ham and Cheese Frittatas
Jamie of Mom’s Cooking Club: Warm Cranberry Walnut Brie & Mini Crab Cakes with Herbed Aioli
Shelby of The Life and Loves of Grumpy’s Honeybunch: Harvest Sweet Potato Pecan Pie Tartlets


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    Those look fantastic Shelby! I wish we "really" could have gotten together so I could taste those. I'll be checking out the recipe. Your pictures are making my mouth water.

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    We are ALL in serious trouble now. Shelby has come up with a sweet potato pie slider!!! These look absolutely delicous, I'm anxious to try these. Hopefully, someone will drop by and help me eat them or I'm in trouble haha

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    Oh wow, Shelby. These look so beautiful and delicious!!
    I went to a bread making class the other night. I am going to try my hand with yeast dough now. It was a lot of fun. We made an Armenian bread and some pecan sticky buns….oh yum!

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    I just invited these to my Thanksgiving table. They look delicious. And I'm thankful to you for bringing these to my attention. :) Have a great day Shelby!

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