Memories of past and wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving in 2009

We get older and things change. People we loved and held near and dear to our hearts are no longer with us. Memories are all we have. I remember every Thanksgiving either my mom or my Aunt Marlene would have dinner. I remember everyone coming to dinner – and we had to have the meal in our basement (mind you, it was a decent basement!). I remember sitting at the kitchen table later in the evening with the “women” and Aunt Ann telling us about movies she had seen. The men would all be in the living room. We would pull leftovers out and make sandwiches with turkey and buttered dinner rolls. My favorite, fresh fruit salad – I couldn’t get enough of it. Most of the time, if Aunt Ann was around, she would pull out her guitar and we would all sing. I still have a vcr recording of one year with us all at mom’s singing in the living room. I remember my Aunt Helga having one heck of a good time. We were singing Christmas Carols and everyone was in such a good mood. That was the year Christopher turned 1 year old – 1987.

When I was at Aunt Ann’s a few weekends ago I took snapshots of some photos she had. This was in 1985 – the year Justin was born. Looks like Nanny was making the roux for the gravy :-)

This is my Poppy carving the turkey. I sure wish they could be here with us this year. To see how much the kids have grown, to see how beautiful they all are. So many of their great grandchildren have grown up now and are becoming parents themselves.

The circle of life goes on. I hope you create some memories this year that years later someone with think of with fondness. Happy Thanksgiving!


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    How much I relate to your post! The loves ones who are now gone, all the wonderful aunts and relatives, memories and photos, and wonderful family meals . . . I'm so grateful for the good memories. Lovely post. Have a great Thanksgiving day!

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    All I can say is this brought tears to my eyes, great memories past and what was can never be….hard to fill that empty spot….and then we are the next generation….memories that live on in all of us from generation to generation through our teachings of what we were taught has enriched all our lives… Happy Thanksgiving to you and family past that live in all our hearts….

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    aww Shelby this is such a wonderful post! I can relate and I have so many Thanksgiving and Christmas memories of my family and love ones :)

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

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    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Shelby! This time of year is all about family and the memories we have, past and present. Thanks for sharing about your family.

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    Wonderful post. Looks like we were in similar frames of mind on Wednesday. It's amazing how much this holiday means to so many people–and how different the meanings can be. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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