Warming bread – perfect for gifts!

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Thanksgiving morning I was alone at home and up early as usual. I threw some clothes in the washer and started some dinner rolls in the bread machine. Dinner rolls were all I was responsible for this year but I still felt like baking. I had some pumpkin left over in the fridge so I decided to try a loaf of Spiced Pumpkin Bread I had seen on myrecipes.com. The two smaller loaves were wrapped up to take to the in-laws as a little treat to have later and the larger loaf I took a slice of for breakfast (I have to taste test!) and sent the rest of the loaf home with Christopher.

pumpkin 048HB

Everyone may be dying down on the pumpkin recipes now turkey day has come and gone, but I still have a few more to do! If you’ve had enough pumpkin you can bypass the recipe (but I suggest you don’t!). If you haven’t had enough, you can make this Cooking Light recipe for Spiced Pumpkin Bread link HERE.


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    Glad to see the pumpkin recipes; I'm not tired of them. I'm with Coleen. I want to start using pumpkin year 'round. It's a wonderful vegetable, underused and underappreciated.

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    I'm not tierd of pumpkin. In fact, I haven't even made pumpkin bread this year and thats a must!
    I made those Harvest Sweet Potato Tarts and messed them up. Forgot the egg in the pecan part. Let's just say, it wasn't purdy!

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    Ooh, this looks lovely. I'll admit to being a little "pumpkin-ed out," but I'm sure I'll be willing to jump back in to the pumpkin in a couple of weeks. Thank you for the link!

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