December 26, 2009

What fills your heart with love?

Oh definitely.....that little face does it. Just look at him! LOL

What a joyful, happy, bubbly little man my Christopher is. Well, yeah. I know he's not so little now, but he is the same sweetness now that he was back then! What mom wouldn't want to squeeze and hug and love him?

How lucky I am that Chris loves to spend time with his mom? In the kitchen, just hanging out, having lunch together....

Always willing to pose with mom for a photo. Always with a smile on his face.

Happy Birthday to you Christopher T. Mom loves you so much and you are one of the biggest joys I have in my life! You make my heart burst with love and pride.


  1. Haapy Birthday to your handsome young son! Hope you had fabulous holidays!!

  2. What a sweet post! Happy birthday!!!

  3. to see Mom and Son together. He IS sweet looking. Guess he takes after his MOM! Happy birthday Christopher T.

  4. Happy Birthday to Christopher. Nice pictures. Happy Holidays!

  5. Happy Bday to your son! Hope you had a nice Christmas!

  6. Happy birthday ! He looks so much like you !! I wish you the best new year !!

  7. Happy birthday to your son. He has a very nice smile and you both are so lucky to have each other in life.

    Happy new year to you and your family!

  8. Happy belated birthday to your son, Christopher! I hope when my boys are grown up they will still want to hang with me. :) At 13 they think I'm still cool (& smart!) but I'm certain that is soon to change. :(

    Btw, Christopher looks just like you!


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