What recipe will you choose?

Brie cheese wrapped in the Pillsbury crescent dough is one of my all-time favorite treats at the holiday. The first time I ever made this the boys were quite young and it was our Christmas Eve treat we had at home together as a family. It was a treat that remains to be loved by us all! I love the melty brie with a bit of the crescent along with a crisp apple slice or some red grapes. Below are links to three holiday recipes from Pillsbury. Pillsbury has provided Myblogspark with the challenge for me to show you these choices and have you, my readers, pick one of these recipes to “change up” and make my own.

I have made two of these three recipes in the past many times! I think there aren’t many people around that haven’t tried the Crescent Holiday Tree! We just had this at our holiday party at work last week! I am looking forward to this challenge and I am anxious to see what treat you all will choose for me to recreate! I will accept comments on this post until Midnight, Friday, December 11, 2009. Then I will have to get to work and start cooking! Oh, and I want to mention, that a select group of bloggers may have their new creation featured on Pillsbury.com! Even more reason for me to get creative and make something delicious!


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    They all look good but you could really do alot with the brie! How about adding a layer of raspberry preserves, or nuts under the crescent? Mmmm….

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