Cooking Light’s Blueberry Pound Cake

Pretty much every night a couple hours after dinner is over and done with I will hear “what do we have for dessert?” So, knowing this question is going to pop up, I make something about 2-3 times a week – depending on my time constraints and my cravings. :-)

I had been thinking about this pound cake for some time now. I have had blueberries in the freezer and I have been thinking I need to use them up. Grumpy isn’t the biggest blueberry fan but I love them and so do my children. I made this recipe about 5 years ago for the first time. I cannot believe that this is the first time I have made it since then. This is an awesome cake. The recipe is in the Cooking Light Complete Cookbook but you can also find it by clicking HERE. I went with the suggestion to use some almond extract along with vanilla. The cake smelled and tasted awesome. It had great texture and I remembered all over again why I loved it the first time I made it. This is a definite keeper recipe – and it sure is nice to have it be a healthier one too!

I have been scarce on the internet since my laptop bit the dust. I have missed having the chance to visit all my favorite blogs, but I am getting there sporadically as I have computer time. I received the word from Justin tonight that it is my hard drive that went kaput. He will be replacing it for me and I should be back up and running in the near future. Until then Grumpy still has to share (and he doesn’t like sharing either!). I’ll be back in a few days with a great giveaway just in time for Superbowl!


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    That blueberry pound cake looks so yummy! definitely bookmarking this one for sure

    I'm glad Justin was able to figure out what was wrong with your computer. At least now you know it will be repaired :)

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    I just love pound cake and blueberries are our favorite. I have saved this so I can make it after we return from vacation. We leave Sat for Puerto Rico…sun here we come!

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    I'll have to make this for my husband…he does the same thing as Grumpy- he's always looking for just a little snack! I haven't been very faithful about making his snacks lately as they are such a temptation to me. But this is lighter-yeah! Thanks, Shelby.

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    Shelby, this cake does look AWESOME! Beautiful texture. Of course, I don't have any of the low fat ingredients, will have to go full throttle, grins, but I'm going to make this. Can't wait for that first bite.

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    We all love pound cake here and anything with blueberries always goes over great.

    Hope your computer is back up and running soon Shelby. I'd feel like I'd lost my right arm if I didn't have mine.

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    Hi Shelby, you've been missed!

    Um, I sure hope you saved me a little slice of that blueberry pound cake ~ it looks delicious. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I like the tip of adding almond extract. Thank you for the link to the recipe, I would love to make it very soon.


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    A. I am a huge Cooking Light Fan
    B. I love Blueberries
    C. I love cake

    Thanks for sharing this recipe. I seemed to have skipped in my decade long obsession with the magazine, but think it will be the perfect thing for my sweetie's birthday.

    D. I really like your site, keep up with the recipes and thanks for sharing.

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    Oh, bummer Shelby! Lucky for you that your son can fix it.

    Your cake looks good and am envious that your berries didn't sink. :)

    I have Cooking Light's dessert cookbook that I bought several years ago. I just remembered I had it. I'm going to try some of the recipes. Of course as soon as I saw the book I thought of you. :)

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    Linda, Grumpy did like! I wasn't sure how much he would because he doesn't care for blueberries too much. He told me (after I wrote this post) that it was really good with his morning coffee!

    Cathy (Noble Pig), Grumpy waits 2, sometimes only 1 hours only because he has stuffed himself so full at dinner that he can't get anything else in until later. lol. He'd kill me if he knew I told you all that!

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    This is so funny Shelby! My husband is the same way about desserts. He says something sweet helps him digest his dinner. I think he just likes my baked treats :)

    My husband loves blueberried and I also have some frozen that I need to use. I just saved this pound cake. It looks like our kind of dessert.

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