Oh no!

My computer crashed. I am stealing Grumpy’s laptop to use one right now. I printed off the entries for my giveaway and I will announce the winner soon. I will have Chris help by pulling a name out of the basket.

Speaking of Chris he had a not so fun beginning to the weekend. Friday night my son had a snowboarding accident and broke his collarbone. I feel very lucky that is all that is wrong with him. It will be a little while healing but thankfully he’s not suffering too much pain from it. The most pain he seems to have is having to get out of bed in the morning.

I haven’t had much time to make anything to blog about but I will be back and blogging as soon as I can! Hopefully my other son will be able to help me with my laptop issue and hopefully it doesn’t mean I need to replace it…not really ready to do that yet! Until then, Grumpy has to share!


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    Sorry to hear about your son – sending wishes for a speedy recovery. Thank God I sleep with a computer guru (geek)…if the toilet is stopped up we're screwed – but if the computer goes – we're golden.

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    Thanks Mags & Andrew's mom!

    LOL about the plumbing and computer….Grumpy would be able to fix the plumbing with no problem. He would like to THINK he is a computer wiz but he's not…I'll let Justin take care of anything computer wise. He's my computer Guru!! 😉 Grumpy doesn't have permission to touch my computer. He has this disease that is called "I like to change and remove things on it" and I get very irriated over it! LOL

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    Good luck with the computer. Your lucky to have a computer guru! Glad your son is alright and I hope Grumpy gets better from his "disease"! LOL

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    OMG Shelby, I am so sorry to hear of your sons accident. I hope he recovers quickly, and I hope youre holding up ok.

    And no computer at the same time, when it rains it freaking pours. Hope your sun comes out soon and shines like crazy.

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    Oh my! My nephew broke his collarbone last year on a school snowboarding outing! He was quite sore for awhile but now he is good as new and back to it again. Good luck with your son!

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