Vegetarian Loaf and Family Recipes

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Growing up I was surrounded by vegetarianism. Mom tended to make vegetarian meals often although she still made the basic meat/potato/veggie meal. Back then Dad wasn’t too keen on eating vegetarian however now, he basically eats vegetarian when at home. This loaf pictured above is a loaf that I always looked forward to eating. Sometimes mom would even put chopped walnuts in it. I totally forgot about doing that or I would have done it when I made this recipe because I really love it with the nuts!

Like many of the other recipe cards there are no directions. Apparently everyone just “knew” how to mix and bake. lol. What I do:

  • I don’t use grapenuts. Never have. I always use Special K or Wheaties
  • I only use evaporated milk if I have it and I use fat free. Otherwise I just use regular skim milk.
  • You can substitute egg replacement (like the Morningstar farm egg substitute) for the eggs. This time I didn’t because I didn’t have any.
  • If you don’t have George Washington Broth which is a meat free mix, you can substitute the Better than Bouillon (which is what I have in my fridge all the time). This however is not meat free unless you get the vegetable one. I keep vegetarian, chicken and beef in my fridge at all times.
  • I don’t use oleo. I am a butter girl all the way. I use unsalted butter whenever I make anything unless a recipe calls for salted butter.
  • I bake at 350 until browned on top and crispy on the edges. Anywhere between 45-60 minutes. It took about 40 minutes for half the recipe.

I knew Grumpy would not touch this for two reason. It is called Cottage Cheese Loaf and its “vegetarian”. Even if I called it vegetarian loaf he wouldn’t eat it. He’s all about meat and potatoes!
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  1. says

    LOL, Linda your so cute. Grumpy is always suspicious of anything I make that isn't meat and potatoes.

    Its not really quiche like. I think of quiche being egg like and this isn't like that. The Special K is probably what takes that away from it. It is a favorite dish in the Seventh-Day Adventist community and there are many versions of it. It is also called Special K Loaf (probably more appetizing that cottage cheese loaf)

  2. says

    I think it sounds good. I eat vegetarian about 75% of the time. Next time my husband is out of town I might try it. He, like Grumpy has to have his meat and potatoes in a visable form.

  3. says

    I love recipes on recipe cards, something so sentimental about them! And it's true, often there are no directions on some of the older ones Ive seen, how funny.

    That said it sounds like a lovely loaf, quite different and I bet very tasty!

  4. says

    yum! I dont care what you call it, it looks good to me! I have a lentil loaf that I have made since I was 17 and I love it. If you like lentils, it is for you, I just need to come up with a more appetizing name

  5. says

    I've never heard of this dish, but I love cottage cheese, so this must be yummy. This is a wonderful Family Recipe, Shelby-too bad Grumpy won't try it! :)

  6. says

    Yes, recipe cards are so interesting when reading them, especially the particular ingredients that are found only in certain areas. Similar to the George Washington Broth in this one. I agree, sometimes no directions given for preparation other than put all this together and cook!



  7. says

    My husband grew up eating cottage cheese loaf. There are so many versions out there. Your recipe is very similar to mine! I add both dark and light GW which gives the loaf a little darker color and I use pecan meal instead of chunks of nuts. Our boys never wanted to bite into a nut so pecan meal is added to many of my vegetarian "meat" recipes. If you like this loaf, you would LOVE my vegetarian non-meat ball recipe!! I'm a new blogger. I posted my cottage cheese loaf recipe but have not YET posted the non-meatball recipe. Stay tuned. I promise you'll love them :-)

  8. Anonymous says

    Hey, thanks for sharing this basic recipe. I tweeked it a little bit by using half cornflakes, and half cooked organic brown rice; added a ton of garlic; for the "margerine" I used a quarter cup olive olive oil, and drained a can of olives (the un virgin kind cuz they all had holes all the way through) run through the slicer. To garnish the top, I cut up some ripe red bell pepper, and–oh, I forgot–a sprinkle of parmesian cheeze on top before the red bells. (It will be interesting to watch the vegan's scrutinizing eyes tomorrow at church potluck)
    Sew What-Why-When?

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