February 20, 2010

Kristina is going to love this....

When I first saw this recipe on the Real Simple website I immediately knew my daughter-in-law would LOVE these!  First of all, she loves chocolate fondue...and when we do chocolate fondue, we do dip marshmallows!  The website has an awesome photo so make sure you check it out.

These are so easy and if you like marshmallow and chocolate, real yummy!  Grumpy won't be eating any though.  He was out in the kitchen asking me what was up with the marshmallows and made it clear he didn't like it.  ha ha.  Well I will deliver a few to Kristina so I don't wolf them all down - which wouldn't be hard to do!

These are very easy to do.  I melted some bittersweet chocolate in the microwave, dipped the marshmallow tops in and then sprinkled with some colored stars, crushed peanuts and coconut.  Yummy!!!  What a cute treat and neat idea for Easter....right?  ;)
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