My brother’s family is a Colts Fan…….

For him today I am posting these cookies.  I know the colors aren’t quite exact, but hey, its the best I could do on a whim!  :-) I’m also having some trouble lately with my lighting.  I’m not exactly sure what is going on but even though everything looks bright and wonderful on my camera, once its uploaded it has some strange hue.  Guess this means I have to take my manual out (rolling my eyes!).  I am so not a read and figure it out kind of person so I really don’t like it when I have to do that!  lol

In any case, I am wishing their team the best of luck today.  Yes, I will be around while it’s on.  I’ll probably have my laptop nearby though – just because that is me.  😀 
 Steve, Heidi, Austin & Matt – I hope you are all happy campers by the end of the day today! (and any other Colt’s fans!)


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    Hi! I have just been browsing your site, and you have some great recipes! I am so not in the super bowl spirit but these cookies still look great! I hate reading manuals too. :)

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    Hi. I've just been browsing your site and you have some great recipes, including these cookies. They look very festive. I'm sure your brother will enjoy them!

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    HoneyB, thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the name – HoneyB. I also made cookies as dessert for Super Bowl. Chocolate Butter cookies and "painted" on the designs in royal frosting. Goes to show you great minds think alike.:)

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