My heart belongs to Grumpy….but you already knew that, didn’t you!

Sunday was Grumpy’s birthday.  Sunday he turned the same age I turned right after I met him.  Back then I was afraid to commit to him because there was an age gap.  I didn’t want to take away his opportunity to have his own children.  I will never forget the day I finally told him I loved him and his reaction to my admission.  😉  I had decided that I had to believe him when he told me that having children was not the most important thing in his life (although I know he would have loved to have had them).  I had to believe him because I had fallen so very deeply in love with him and knew I didn’t want to live without him because I couldn’t accept what he told me.

As Valentine’s day gets closer I think about how he made my last two years so extra special with the sweet little surprises he gave me.  This year I don’t expect a gift of monetary value – not that I did the last two years but this year all  I want from Grumpy is for his health.  For him to not be in any pain and for him to be able to succeed in what he wants.  This year we may not be rich with money, but we sure will be rich with love – and that is all that truly matters to me.

I also think about my children and how happy I am they are mine and how proud of them I am.  They are all special in their own way and my heart would just die if I did not have them.  I’m not just talking about Justin & Christopher – I am talking about Kristina also.  She is not my “child” but she is my son’s spouse, so my heart loves her just as I love them.

I think about my parents and how I watched them love each other all these almost 48 years.  I remember living on the farm and how happy my dad was to be there and how my mom was willing to leave the home she loved so my dad could fulfill his passion of farming.  My mom adores my father and I know he adores her.

I have to mention my Aunt Marlene and Uncle Gary here too.  I remember when they were first married, I was about 5 years old and toothless.  I will never forget my Uncle Gary cutting the corn off the cob so I could eat it since I had no front teeth!  I will never forget how my Aunt Marlene has been there for me when my heart was breaking the most.  They are like my 2nd set of parents and I am so lucky to have them in my life.

That all said, I love ALL of my family – and there are many!  I hope your Valentine’s Day (well actually every day) is filled with love for those near and dear to your heart. 

Now that I am all mush and tears, maybe I should share my cookie recipe here.  This recipe came from my Great Grandmother Lottie Mae Clark.  I never met her myself but I had her cookies all my life as my Nanny made them all the time.  You can find the recipe on my post for Nanny’s Sugar Cookies – Memories of Nanny and her Love. 


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    That is so sweet Shelby! Love and health and family are so much more important than monetary things. And throw in those yummy looking cookies and everything is perfect.

    Happy Belated Birthday Grumpy!

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    What a sweet post! You've got me thinking about Valentine's days when I was a kid and my dad always brought me something special. Have a Happy Valentine's day… I know it's already going to be filled with love!

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    That was a wonderful post HoneyB! These are my favorite posts of yours to read. I wish good health to Grumpy, too. I know he's had a tough time.

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