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This morning I decided that I had to make muffins for breakfast.  My computer wasn’t on and I really didn’t have time to sit and search for recipes so I did it the “old fashioned” way…..I pulled out Better Homes & Gardens.  This is the second time I have pulled out that book and made something and had to adjust the recipe to make it work – and its also the 2nd time that it does not make the amount of servings the book states.  I don’t know why this is because the older BH&G book never gave me this trouble. 

In any case, I think this recipe will be good with some more work.  They look nice – but I think they can look nicer.  So, instead of the recipe, you are just seeing the photo today.  Once I have worked on this and created a better recipe I will post it!

I also want to share with you my experience with raspberry pie this afternoon.  Chris and I went to lunch today at the Village Diner.  One of the good things about him living in the town where I work is that I get to see him a lot more often! (I know Justin reads this so don’t worry buddy, it will be just you and me one day soon for lunch too!)  The thing I like best about lunch with the boys is the time I get to be with them…not so much the food!  Before we left the diner today I decided to get some raspberry pie with the intention of giving half of it to Grumpy.  Now it becomes about the food!  I brought it back to the office and promptly nibbled on it all afternoon til it was gone – so Grumpy, he’s not getting any!  This was some amazing pie – and right before we left the owner told us that our waitress had made the pie.  I am super impressed.  Not that she made the pie, but that it was such an awesome pie.  Definitely better than I have ever made.  Her crust was thick, yet cooked and flaky.  It had a slight sweetness to it and was amazingly not soggy on the bottom – meaning she did an awesome job on the pie filling!  I think if Grumpy had this – I would never see him again because he would go find Mallory and let her cook for him instead!  He also may be really angry with me if he reads this and finds out I ate the whole thing and didn’t save any for him  – especially since raspberry is his very favorite pie!  If you ever make it to Potsdam or if you are living in this area and haven’t been there yet you really should go!  The link takes you to their menu and their hours are listed there.  If you do visit, let me know how you liked it!


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    I say, go back and get Grumpy a piece of pie and get the recipe for us. That sounds sooo good!!!
    Your muffins do look lovely. I cant wait to see the recipe!

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    I say, go back and get Grumpy a piece of pie and get the recipe for us. That sounds sooo good!!!
    Your muffins do look lovely. I cant wait to see the recipe!

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    The muffins look good, can't wait to hear how you tweak them! The pie sounds amazing, I never get a good crust. Would love to meet that waitress and pick her brain!

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    The muffin looks very tasty.
    How nice you got a slice of your favorite Raspberry pie. I think you should have ate the whole thing by yourself…Grumpy gets all the good things you make him so Im sure he'll be all right!

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    This cracked me up—I would do something like that. I also have that problem of the recipe and the photos not always working out at the same tie. Very frustrating. Am looking forward to the recipe….

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    Oh you crack me up! We have the best intentions when we try to save something and bring it home for our loved ones but can't resist it calling to us before we ever get it home!

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    How nice you get to eat lunch out with your son. Too funny about the pie though. Maybe that waitress will give you the recipe so you can share it with all of us.

    We'll be waiting for the updated muffin recipe too!

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    The only problem with experimenting in the "test kitchen" is trying all the samples! After my last brownie post, I think I may have consumed half my weight in cocoa powder!

    I'm shocked to say… I've never had raspberry pie! I bet I'd love it though!!

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    The muffins look yummy, Shelby, even though you were dissapointed in them.

    Now that pie sounds wonderful- I would have eaten the whole thing too!

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