You Betcha……..Buddy!

The other morning on my drive into work I was listening to the radio station I like the most in this area – YES FM.  If Johnny of The Border is reading this, don’t worry, I listen to you when I am headed Watertown way.  I can’t get you on my drive to Potsdam!  Anyway, Merz was asking what did our parents used to say to us when we were kids that we carried on tradition with and told our children.  I had the hardest time coming up with things everyone else was saying – like don’t cross your eyes, they will stay that way (maybe I did tell my kids that though!), don’t sit too close to the TV it will make you go blind…etc.  I don’t know my mom ever gave us “threats” to make us do something – other than running out to the bushes to break a green switch off the bush, peel it and slap us. (NO she did not abuse us!).  Its funny, I remember laughing at my mom, but I sure didn’t want that green switch slapping my leg.  I remember we would get in our room and lock the door on her so she couldn’t get in.  We couldn’t get away with that though.  Mom, she was an expert door opener – even when it was locked!  I was such a rotten kid!  ha ha. Not really.

So I was thinking, what phrases do I use that was used on me? My Nanny always called people “buddy”.  Yup.  I use that.  I’ll text the boys and ask “how ya doing buddy?” or “love ya buddy”.  My Poppy would always say You Betcha!  I actually can hear my mom say that phrase also!  I use that phrase often too.  My dad would and still does call my mom “pumpkin” and mom would call us kids “pumpkin seeds”.  I call my boy’s “snowmen” and I call Christopher “my Christmas Snow” – if you don’t know, their last name is Snow  and Christopher was my Christmas present the year he was born!  ;).  I call Justin “J” and Chris “Furfur” or “Fur” (a nickname dubbed on him by a playmate when they were little).  You all know what I call hubby dearest – mostly I call him Grumpy!  Sometimes I call him Hun, sometimes, when I want to irritate him I call him Phillip John or PJ.  He really hates that. He calls me Buzzy, Old Buzzard.  If he calls me by my real name I’m wanting to know what’s up with that!  If he’s calling me Buzzy then I know its good.  lol

Now I am wondering what phrases or terms of endearment do you use in your home or with family & friends?  Leave me a comment and let me know!  :)


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    It's usually "dear" but then there are times when it's "bubba." With a lot of "You betcha's!"

    Those Almond Poppy Seed Muffins down below sound and look divine!

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    My mom used to say "Don't make me embarrass you in front of God and everybody". I don't say it to my kids but I sure think it sometimes.

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    My grandparents were of German descent so there were a lot of phrases used when I was a child that I didn't know the meaning of. Some, I'm sure, were terms of endearment but the others I learned later, were swear words…LOL

    As far as pet names for the family, hubby gets called every name in the book (depending on my mood) and my daughter Molly's nickname is Sweet Sassy Mollassie. The dog we've nicknamed Pooh Peter because he likes to eat his own.. well, ya know

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    I call my daughter "kiddo", which is kind of ordinary, but she latched on to that one. I remember her sounding very affronted when I called one of her friends kiddo one day:D

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    My mom and dad always called me sweetie or honey; my dad also would call me "Dos Girls" and my brother "Dos Boys". I call my dad Papa Bear.

    My brother doesn't use terms of endearment, but he is the only person I know who has always only called me "Kate."

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    We don't have nicknames for each other, but we have nicknames for the grandkids. Hubby calls one of them "goofy gopher" and a "greasy grasshopper" I think he does it because it always causes mass giggling (grandkids are little). One of them we call Kate-a-bug (her name is Kate) and another we call "the Chaster" (his name is Chase). Its a lot of fun.

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    Cute. We call our youngest Babygirl and the twins are Devon Jalen. Both names combined when we're calling the two of them. No and between the two names. When they were very little they called each other bubba. I call my honey, honey and he calls me pain in his butt….ha-ha just kidding! :) He calls me babe.

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