March 23, 2010

Blue Cheese-Stuffed Chicken with Buffalo Sauce ala Cooking Light!

Ok, this is just a generic version of the updated blog.  Last evening when I was playing around with it I changed it by accident!  So, you are seeing a somewhat updated new look - however this is not the final look.  

I am short on time this morning but I really wanted to share this Cooking Light meal we had last evening with you!  Blue Cheese-Stuffed Chicken with Buffalo Sauce from the March 2010 issue!  Oh my, this was yummy!  I will definitely be making it again!  I followed the recipe until it came to the sauce....and all I did there was add more Franks Red Hot as all it called for was 1 teaspoon....and Grumpy and I both need more heat than that with our Buffalo Chicken :)

If you want to try this check the recipe out by clicking HERE.  You won't regret it!
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