Happy Birthday to Kristina, extending my giveaway AND Ground Beef with Beijing Sauce!!

Let me start today by wishing my daughter-in-law Kristina a very happy birthday!!
I have decided that since Kristina loves chocolate – who doesn’t really except maybe Justin! ๐Ÿ˜‰ that I will extend my giveaway! I am giving away the book Maida Heatter’s Book of Great Chocolate Desserts to anyone who is on my subscriber list for my e-recipe club (one name (1 winner) drawn from list of subscribers on the subscription list as of 6 PM Sunday, March 7, EST). How do you enter? It is easy! All you need to do is fill out the form to the right hand side of this post and when you receive your confirmation email, make sure you click back to confirm. That’s it! I am extending this giveaway (first listed here) until Sunday at 6 PM EST. Now, on to what we had for dinner the other night….If you would like to see just a sample of my newsletter, you can click HERE . You can also sign up from the newsletter if you decide you like it and want to see more!
From Jaden’s Steamy Kitchen….Ground Beef (Venison) with Beijing Sauce over Noodles.

The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook!

(I am not being paid by Jaden to advertise her book – the link to Amazon to purchase her book is a part of Amazon Associates which I belong to. By clicking on the link and purchasing the book I do make a small profit from advertising.)

Oh my goodness. Is this dish EVER good. We had this a few nights ago and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Last night I was craving it and I mentioned to Grumpy and he said, “you need to put that on the regular menu”! I made mine on the spicy side so it left a slight burn in the mouth, but the sauce is amazing!! Thank you Jaden!! I also made her coconut shrimp recipe – so mouth wateringly good!!

Now, let me tell you about this dish. I decided to use venison as we have an ample supply of it in our freezer (thanks to Grumpy’s passion for hunting!). I also thought that the flavoring in the dish would help with that slightly “wild” taste that apparently only I in this house can taste with ground vension. I could not tell it was venison in this dish! Seriously! For the most part, I cannot eat a lot of dishes made with ground vension for that reason.

I actually can’t wait to make this again and USE venison! Per Grumpy’s request and my total desire to have that yummy sauce coating my noodles again – I am making this one again next week! If you want to try it yourself please go view the recipe on Jaden’s website by clicking here. While you are there, check out many of her other delicious recipes!


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    This sounds wonderful and I need to pull out my copy of this book and start cooking something. I was thinking about some burgers she has, but this looks pretty anazing and probably a good place to start. I'll do the burgers when I fire up the grill.

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    Happy Birthday to your DIL!

    I've got Jaden's cookbook, too… need to break it out and get cooking with it but have had a hard time deciding which recipe to start with since they all look so amazing!

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    Happy Birthday to your DIL!

    I've got Jaden's cookbook, too… need to break it out and get cooking with it but have had a hard time deciding which recipe to start with since they all look so amazing!

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    I just printed out this recipe. Looks awesome. Did you use the dried chili peppers? Did you use the cooking wine in the recipe? I usually don't use cooking wine and was wondering what type of wine I could substitute it with. I would make it with ground beef though :)

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    I hope you all make this! Thanks to Susie, I have a meal plan for next week and grocery shopping today :) I have this on my plan for Tuesday!

    Jamie, I did use the dried chili peppers too. Because my black bean sauce had chilis in it I only used 2 and I did empty them of the seeds. A good thing I did! I did use the cooking wine because I had it.

    Jaden, I'm flattered you came and saw :) Grumpy actually sat with me the other night going thru your site – that is how much he enjoyed your dishes I made this last week!! He wants me to make more of yours!

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    That looks amazing! I've never had venison before, but if you put that down in front of me I would finish it off in ten seconds flat.

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    Happy Birthday Kristina!

    Btw, I rcv'd my cooking light magazine…thanks again HoneyB! Once I'm done with the magazine I'm passing it along to my mom!

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    HoneyB, this really looks good. I have the very same feeling about ground venison! Did you use regular corn? What kind of noodles?

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    Linda, I should have mentioned in my post, I used mixed vegetables. I like baby corn but Grumpy doesn't. I tried to find just peas and carrots in the freezer section but they had NONE!! So, grabbed the mixed veggies and there was my corn. lol. I had Grumpy cook up some regular spaghetti noodles before I got home. :) So, he actually helped make dinner!

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