March 31, 2010

Its a brunch thing

Last weekend we had company.  Our friends Randy and Amanda usually will come visit us on Friday or Saturday night, spend the evening with us and the next morning I get to play hostess and feed them breakfast!  This time I decided I wanted to try something different since Randy and Amanda are normally pretty easy to feed whereas Grumpy, well you know.  While our friends enjoyed these crepes, Grumpy, the stinker, wouldn't even try one.  What's up with that I say?!  Well, more for us I guess!  Yes, I did what most won't do for those who won't eat what your fixing.  I made him pancakes.  However, he got pancakes made with Bisquick.  ;-)  he he.

My blogging friend Fallon is also posting a breakfast/brunch recipe tomorrow - French Toast with a Twist.  I love how healthy Fallon eats and how conscious she is of what food she puts into her tummy!  I wish I had been that health conscious when I was her age!  Fallon is also co-hosting the ongoing brunch contest that is exclusive to my newsletter subscribers.  The breakfast/brunch contest was her idea and I love her enthusiasm for encouraging others to be healthy!

 These crepes are a delicious substitute for pancakes IMHO!  The fresh fruit is the perfect spring like topping!  Today the recipe is in my Wednesday Bonus recipe newsletter.  I hope you will join us in the recipe exchange fun and the ongoing giveaway by subscribing to my newsletter. :)  I promise I don't pester you on a daily basis.  As a matter of fact on Sunday my main newsletter is sent and on Wednesday you get a bonus recipe.  That is all you ever hear from me in your inbox.  :)  The giveaway post is listed HERE.  I hope to see you join and good luck to all those who have signed up this week!


  1. My daughter is the crepe maker around here but since she now lives so far away I guess I will need to perfect my skills:D

  2. Tell Grumpy I'll take his plate! The crepes look out of this world!

  3. I'm not a huge breakfast fan in general, but those look yum!

  4. These look so good - I love crepes!!! Love your new header too! So cute!

  5. I love brunch things!
    Hey thanks for clearing up the meaning of Koinonia.

  6. i love how colorful these are, they're so pretty!

  7. these are gorgeous and perfect for Easter!~ love them....stumbled you!


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