Muffin experimentation

Cardamon became one of my favorite spices a couple of years ago when I first tried it in the danish pastry the Daring Baker’s made.  Since I love muffins for breakfast I decided I wanted to make some with cardamon in them.  This recipe is one I’m still playing with…but I have made it low fat, put some flax seed meal in it to boost the health benefits of the muffin and this time I put a little bit of white chocolate and cranberries in the muffin.  I will be playing with this recipe some more to perfect it – and I believe it is going to be very versatile – meaning I will be able to use different fruits etc to shake it up and make it different.  I’m thinking raspberries and bananas will work well with this muffin too.  Looks like my co-workers and students at work will be plentiful with muffins while I play and experiment!

In the meantime, if your looking for a muffins recipe, you can always click this link to see all the many muffins I have posted about on my blog.  You might find one there that you want to make this weekend!


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    I just love muffins. I was playing around a little with muffins last year trying to find the perfect combination of healthy and tastey.

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    A Swedish tea ring converted me to the caradamom side as well! I love using it in baking! Can't wait to see all of your muffin adventures.

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    White chocolate and cranberries are one of my favorite combos. And I love cardamom – but don't use it often enough. I have had it in banana bread and it was delicious.

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    It is interesting, I have been playing with muffins also although, I have been using vegetable to do this. I made a cabbage, carrot, potato muffin, last. For some reason, whether sweet or savory, it is better in muffin form.

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