March 13, 2010

Oh what a joy!

Almond Joy Cupcakes - what candy would you like to turn into a cupcake?

Kristina's birthday wasn't too long ago.  I believe we all know by now that Kristina loves coconut as does Justin and myself! Even Grumpy & Chris love it!

I can't take the credit at all for this cupcake idea.  I found it in the Food Network Magazine.  I knew the moment I saw the cupcake concept that I was going to do it for Kristina's birthday.  We share a love for Hershey's Coconut Cream Kisses and I was really wishing to find a coconut cream topping that reminded me of them....but this topping is close and good enough for now.  The cupcake recipe I used is the Cooking Light recipe for Coconut Cupcakes with Lime Buttercream Frosting (an amazing recipe!).  I made the toppings as follows:

Coconut topping:

7 oz coconut
1/2 cup coconut milk
1/2 cup water
2 tablespoons water

Mix all of the above and cook over medium heat until liquid is absorbed and coconut mixture thickens.  Set aside to cool.

Chocolate topping:

6 oz semi sweet chocolate chips
1-1/2 tablespoons corn syrup
1 tablespoon unsalted butter

Place all of the above in a microwavable measuring cup and microwave 30 seconds at a time until melted and smooth (don't microwave too long or it will seize!). 

Top cupcake with a spoonful of coconut then with a dollop of chocolate mixture.  Place 1-2 almonds (roasted and salted) :) Enjoy!


  1. The Canadian version of Almond Joy would be Bounty and if it includes coconut I am in.

  2. Those cupcakes look amazing! YUM!

  3. My oh my oh my. Almond Joy is my favorite candy and I haven't had one in years. These look amazing. I'm going to have to make them!

  4. almond joy one of my fav's. i cannot get enough coconut in my life. i actually made these candies once and they were so good. never made them into cupcakes, which equals danger.

  5. Now the man CAN'T still be grumpy after eating these morsels...or can he?

  6. These look great!!! Chocolate and coconut goes so well together. I use to not be a coconut lover but it has grown on me in the last year!

  7. Oh yum! I love this combo. I bet it made the perfect cupcakes!

  8. oh my my my...coconut lovers rejoice!

  9. whats an awesome recipe and one of my favorite cupcakes

  10. I'm a huge coconut lover as well. Practically no one in my family likes it and I just don't get it! Almond Joy's are also one of my favorite candy bars..I'am totally drooling over these - fantastic job!!!

  11. Yum these look incredible! I really want to make this recipe..thank you for sharing!

  12. These look terrific. So simple and pretty.

  13. Just you let you all know, they were super delicious!

  14. I bet these would be sooo good as mini cupcakes. More chocolate and coconut! YUM!

  15. Love your site and these cupcakes look incredible! I love those coconut kisses, they are like crack!


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