Black Pepper Chicken

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I just plain love Bobby’s recipes.  If you haven’t been to his blog, Free Online Recipes, then you really should go and visit.  I have made (and blogged here and here) about his recipes before.  I especially love that he recreates recipes for favorite Chinese dishes.   Grumpy loves to go to the Chinese Buffets around here but I myself have a very hard time eating there.  Not because I don’t like it but because I always end up not feeling well before I even have a few bites.  So, we tend to not go anymore.  Therefore, Bobby’s site has become a lifesaver for me because I have been able to make Grumpy dishes (and bookmark tons of recipes) that he would love to eat.

When I saw he had Black Pepper Chicken, I knew I would make it.  I didn’t know it would take me forever to do so though!  I first saw this recipe when Bobby posted it in August 2008.  WHY it took me so long to finally make it I’ll never know….however, it was far from hard.  It was about the easiest meal to make!

Since the recipe is Bobby’s, I will send you to his blog to check it out if you wish.  However, I will tell you how I prepped everything myself.  I started with the chicken.  Trimmed it of fat and cut it in bite sized pieces.  I then mixed the sauce ingredients and set it aside.  I took a large Ziploc bag and placed half of the cornstarch in the bottom of the bag, then all of the chicken in the bag, finishing with the last 3 tablespoons of cornstarch on top of the chicken.  I closed the top and then shook the chicken up (gently) to make sure the pieces were all coated with cornstarch, fried the chicken, sauteed the vegetables, added the sauce then the cooked chicken and stirred to coat….then enjoyed!  Thanks Bobby for being such a great resource to me.  It makes my Grumpy happy :)  Click HERE to view the recipe for Black Pepper Chicken.


  1. says

    Oh this looks finger licking good and sounds simple too. Great pictures; the dish is calling my name! It's time I got myself well-versed with Chinese food, and this looks like a great beginning. Off to check the recipe at Bobby's blog. Thanks for the post! SU'd you!!

  2. says

    This is my kind of meal Shelby. I love doing different stir fries at home. I'm going to check out this recipe….RIGHT NOW! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Olga @ MangoTomato says

    That looks absolutely delicious! If I saw this in a restaurant, I'd definitely order it.

  4. says

    Chinese buffets are indeed hard on the digestion! I love black pepper chicken, thank you for the recipe. Our fav chinese restaurant closed for the owner to take a sabbatical (he and his wife were there six lunches and dinners a week for 10 + years, it was time for a break for them…not for us, though) and I have been searching out really good chinese recipes to make at home instead, so this one is quite welcome.

  5. says

    That really is a great website–thanks for the link. The chicken looks delish–my hubby's not a big pepper lover, but if Grumpy likes it, it has promise. 😉

  6. says

    We just went to Chinese buffet on Monday for my daughters birthday and again I came away saying, "the food really isn't that good".

    Another recipe bookmarked. I'm almost afraid to go to Bobby's site, I already have such a long *must make* list. But, I NEED this recipe so off I go!

  7. says

    I'm hooked! This looks sooooo delicious and I agree. Chinese food is absolutely awesome when it is awesome. When it isn't totally great, it's bad. Hard to find the good stuff unless you make it at home. Love it!

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