Happy Birthday Momma!

It’s my Mom’s birthday today.  It might seem strange to people that a 46 year old woman would call her mother “Momma” but really, it isn’t ๐Ÿ˜‰  When Justin was a baby learning to talk he found a way to discern Grandma and Mommy.  He would hear me call my mother mom but to him I was mom!  What he decided to do was call me Mom and Grandma became Momma!  So, still, to this day, my mother is called Momma whenever I am talking about her to my children and my children still call her Momma.

Happy Birthday Momma!

Even though Mom’s birthday was almost a week away, we celebrated it here last Saturday.  With my Mom’s schedule not being workable with our schedule during the week, I decided we needed to get together when we had the opportunity.  We had a little family gathering the day before Easter, had grilled chicken, venison burgers, tossed & potato salad and for dessert we had Mom’s birthday cake.

I started searching Cooking Light for some cake recipes and came across this Banana Raspberry Cake with Lemon Frosting.  I had bananas that I knew would need to be used and I loved the fresh berries with lemon frosting so this became the cake to make!  There were no raspberries in the grocery (and boy do we have a lack of grocery stores in our area right now!!!) so I bought these nice big blackberries they had.  Turned out the cake looked beautiful with those big blackberries filling it and decorating it.  This was a very good cake and it made my Mom happy!

If you would like to make this cake yourself, you can find the recipe by clicking HERE.


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    wow what a gorgeous cake, and your mom looks like a sister not your mom wow!!!! The cake is luscious looking great combo of flavors here with the lemon frosting added, Happy Birthday Shelby's sister oops mom!!!! and many more have a wonderful day!

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    The cake looks so good! Happy birthday to your momma!

    It is the same with my mom… for Eric, anyway. Anya can say "Grandma" but Eric calls her "Momma" and I am "Mommy". :)

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    Being a new grandma I can't help but wonder what Gavin is going to call me.

    What a beautiful cake…love the fresh berries!

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    Happy birthday to your Momma. You look so much like her Shelby!
    The cake is gorgeous with those huge blackberries surrounding it. I've bookmarked this as I can't resist any banana cake this lovely!

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    Aw, Happy Birthday, Momma! My mom is still my mom! And this cake is luscious looking! Now that my husband is on a diet I have not thought to look for sweet recipes on Cooking Light. Thanks for the flash (duh!) and this gorgeous, tempting recipe!

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